How should I ignore my feelings for him?

I might be falling in love with this guy and I don't like it at all. I had promised myself to never love anyone again because of something that happened in the past. But my feelings for this guy is really strong and I can't help but flirt with him all the time and laugh and play with him. He plays with me too and I try to ignore him but he keeps on talking to me and playing with me. I don't know how I should ignore him because I don't think he likes me and I don't wanna deepen my feelings even more or else I will fall hard, and on my face. I can't risk that again. And I want to ignore him but I always break the rule :/ . So what should I do? and how should I ignore him?


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  • Just stay disciplined, busy and time will help you take care of the rest

    • Thank you and best of luck to you :)

    • thnx

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  • If you broke up and you don't think there is anything between you two then try and look at other boys, be more social. Expand your group of friends. You might meet someone new.

  • who really cares?! have fun.

  • You can't really help holding back some of your feelings, you've got to be aware of how you feel but if it's something you don't want/need then you just mature up and do otherwise.

  • Your feeling insecure and not love here

    Also your desperation has led you to beleave that this is love

    You think he's the only guy out there at this moment since he's also th er only one thst is actually flirting with you and thsts why your insecurely asking this question...

    Honestly your insecure and desperate and you want to but you just know deep down inside he's not the right one for you


  • smoke crack


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  • Unfortunately, we don't have a "stop" or "pause" button for feelings like we do for movies, lol.

    Why do you think he doesn't like you? How long do you know him? Ask some of his friends if he told them about you or if he fancies someone.

    Ignoring could help, but if he doesn't know why, the friendship might be ruined. Imagine a friend of you suddenly ignoring you and you don't know why. You'd be worried and a bit angry (well, I would be).

    You could just fess up and tell him how you feel and see how it goes. If he says no, just go on with your other subjects to talk about.

    Or you could ask him out on a date? If he says no, you know the deal.

    He might not even know you fancy him, he might fancy you back! You never know if you don't take the leap. He might feel the same way.

    I don't think ignoring is gonna help your friendship. So I wouldn't recommend it.

    • well he's my ex and a month ago he told me he liked me. and he knows I like him right now. But I don't think he likes me anymore

    • Well, he told you. Why don't you just ask him to the movies. Be like "oh hey, just wondering what you did tonight, because there's this movie I really wanna see, wanna join me?" and afterward you can go for a drink. It'll be like a date. Just talk about random stuff and see what he does. He still might like you.