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She always makes me look like the bad guy?

I've been trying to win this girl over for 10 months. She told me she wasn't over her ex husband but she wanted to be so I decided to stick around and see if I could break her away. It went so well for a while. We had sex, kissed, slept over all the time, acted like bf/gf. I fell in love with her and treated her so well. But it seemed like the more I tried/cared, the less she did. The thing is she'd always turn things around on me making me look like the bad guy. One time I woke her up from a nightmare and she thanked me. The next night I did the same thing and she got so pissed and told me I'm not spending the night anymore for a while because I interupt her sleep. Wtf?

Another time I was texting her and asking how she slept. I used to ask this pretty often because she had sleep issues and was seeing how she was doing that day. She got pissed and said "You don't always have to ask that. You always ask the same thing. I slept like sh*t okay.. you know I have sleep issues.". And she always tried to push me away when things started going well. She'd start arguements and get mad at me for little things and id always feel guilty like I did something wrong but I was just doing normal boyfriend type things. For instance, I would always tell her I loved her. I'm on deployment and not there so all I have is text. (I'd say phone calls but she refused to talk on the phone most of the time.) So one day I texted her, told her I loved her and sent her a picture of us to hopefully try to rekindle some memories and bring us close again and she responded with "stop it. you're being creepy. just leave me alone for a while." I always did that kind of stuff. I don't get it.

Last thing that ended us was that I found out she was hanging out with another guy. She told me they had sex which really upset me but what could I do? We were never in an official relationship so I can't be too upset.. plus she told me and apologized and said she's sorry and that she won't do anything further with him or anyone because she doesn't want to lose me. I decided OK. She's realizing that I'm important to her and I'll keep talking to her and see how it goes. A couple weeks later I asked about him again and she said he's only a friend but they kiss sometimes. What?! I got extremely upset and it worried me a lot so I'd bring it up a lot. I texted her one night and asked if he was over and she got all upset that I asked that and never gave me a straight answer and just went to bed. My mind was racing and I had no one else to get help from so I texted her mom to see if he was coming over often like I used to do. I had texted her mom once before for advice and the girl got really mad. I know she wouldn't like it but I felt out of options. The girl found out I texted her mom again and got pissed and told me to never talk to her again. She told me I wasn't going to get my stuff back I had there eithe. I was nothing but nice to her. I put up with so much sh*t Because I loved her. What happened?
She always makes me look like the bad guy?
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