How to politely turn down a guy?

What's a polite way to reject someone when they ask you for your number? I'm a really, nice friendly person, so saying anything mean or negative is really hard to come by.

I'm meeting these guys at singles events, so I can't say, "sorry, I have a boyfriend." Trying to find the right line, cause as of now, I feel bad for saying no and end up giving them my number.


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  • wow I'd penned down an entire answer and it got erased thanks to the connection breaking off. OK here goes again.

    Your very saying that 'you feel bad and end up giving them my number' is a sign of weakness not politeness. Weakness is something that will make every man (one who knows to read another's psychology) go in for the kill.

    Lying is not necessary to be polite.

    You can say various things such as:

    1. Why don't you give me your number and allow me to call you when I can and be comfortable - If chivalry is not dead in that man he'll accept that

    2. "here is my email address instead" why don't you mail me sometime". (create another email addreess for such situations - that way you aren't lying)

    3. Listen to what MrOracle has said too

    4. "Why don't we see if we meet up at more such occassions and get to know each other here"

    All the above are quite polite and show assertiveness from you without displaying weakness.


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  • Just tell them it's a little too early for you to be passing out your number, and that you're just trying to figure everything out and get used to the new environment first.

  • Every guy will appreciate honesty - you can easily use MrOracle's suggestion which is probably the most diplomatic put off ever!

    Another can be " I am flattered that you have asked, but as nice as you are, I really do prefer to get to know a guy a bit better before I give my number out! Will you be patient with me?"

  • Give him a phoney number. Or if you want to just say no. It takes more power to say no than to say yes, but if they have the nerve to ask then you have the nerve to say no.


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  • Tell them to give you their number instead.then just don't call

    Or say, sorry I already met someone

    Or fake number. I created a free google number and I give that one to guys I don't like.

  • What's the harm in getting to know them a little before turning them down? Then, you'll know you gave it a shot and also you can just say, "I'm sorry, I don't see this working out," if, indeed, you don't click with them.

    If you reject them right away, the old standbye is generally, "I'm sorry, you're not really my type." But that is overused and, especially if you are 30-35, you might have to try dating outside of your type, unless the guy is a jerk or lives too far away. In that case, feel free to just say "I'm not interested," if he's a jerk or "I'm looking for someone who lives a little closer," if that's the case. If it's that you are too different, just say, "I'm sorry, I don't think we have enough in common to make this work."