Why do guys ignore you after you tell them you like them?

ok well I had friend who was a guy and we are pretty good friends until I started to have feelings for him that wasn't on friend terms. so I decided to write him a letter expressing how I feel about him in the letter. and not only did he not reply back.. he's been ignoring me since. why do guys do that? I understand if he may not like me back but I would still like to be friends again... if he ever talks to me.


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  • Like thebean said, "he feels uncomfortable or embarrassed." Also, he might be scared and/or not know what to do. He might also just not be ready for a relationship. Hope it helped a bit


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  • This guy might not like you in the same you like him.

    If so, he's avoiding you because he feels uncomfortable or embarrassed by the change in the relationship.

  • guys feel threatened by direct emotional expression since they have difficulty with expressing feelings. the fight or fligh reactivity kicks in and he runs away. Just try and talk him down that he doesn't necesarily owe you anything but does need to communicate. try to make it a bit easier for him to talk to you and express how he feels without being judged or commited to anything. Men need to learn that its okay to express how they feel and allow others to also.

  • because guys are afraid of their feelings and commitment, so when we hear that we "run"


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