If you're brought together with an attractive stranger, and she doesn't respond to a smile, what do you do?

You're not approaching her. Maybe you're in line at a ticket counter,or in another situation where you had no way to avoid being near each other. You give her a whamo smile, but no response, or she frowns at you.

Since you don't have a Romney poster to show her, or a roll of $100 bills, what is your course of action?

  • You break eye contact and look away, and never look back
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  • You wink and give her a high five gesture.
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  • You introduce yourself, anyway
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  • You ask her for an autograph because you say to her that she looks like a well known folk singer
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  • I have a better idea, or a better lie. Please explain.
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Please rate the question! This happens fairly often, no?

Of course, doing nothing is an option. I'm hoping for a better idea here!


Most Helpful Guy

  • You have to come up with something inventive.

    I would first judge her body language. If she looks like she thinks your going to hit on her, lower her defense by saying something like this immediately

    "Woww you are really unfriendly" Then turn back to face the line or turn on the direction you should be facing. She will probably try and clear up that she was "not trying to be unfriendly" Although you should still play it like your a little offended. Then have her convince you she is nice. Then introduce yourself. Then you have your introduction.

    If she just looks rather out of it or unsociable, Then you should say something out of concern like "Hey are you alright?" or "Are you having a bad day?" Your concern will help her open up if she is not very sociable and in turn let her know your a nice guy.

    Also if first scenario does not work, She is probably just a bitch. So don't waste your time. Usually if you go out of your way to be nice, like a smile, and someone shuns it you may dismiss it as a accident but not after you call someone out on it... If you casually do call someone out on it in a way that your offended (not mad) and they do not correct it they are probably an a**hole/bitch and know that they are. Don't waste the time.

    • Great ideas..please rate the question!

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    • it is hugely unlikely that I wouldn't smile back at someone wheather I liked them or not. But if someone said wow your really unfreindly that really wouldn't go down well at all! lol

    • This is good; it provokes her and puts the ball in her court.

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What Girls Said 3

  • Let it go.people don't have to smile at you.big deal

    • BEST ANSWER HERE, buddy. This girl is absolutely right. Buddy, no one owes you a smile. The world doesn't work that way. You may even come across as having a preconceived notion that you think the chick is "easy". Let it go, or be a man and find a black and white angle of approach, showing your intentions from the get go.

  • Um, nothing is your only option. You can keep glancing at her to see if she changes her mind, but that is a pretty glaring red light. Let it go and there will eventually be one who smiles back.

  • Then you could just say Hi if you must do something? A frown probably means do nothing, you don't know why they are in a bad mood!


What Guys Said 6

  • You see attractive people everyday, don't go smiling at everyone because they might misunderstand your friendliness with some kind of creepiness

  • I'd take the wuss's way out and not talk to her. But maybe that's a good thing considering that if she wasn't receptive to a smile, chances are she won't be receptive to a conversation unless I can think of an interesting way to start one.

  • you probably should approach her with a question and then try to keep the conversation, but if that doesn't work, this woman just doesn't want to talk.

  • If she looks directly at me and gives me no response or frowns then I wouldn't do anything. Depending on the situation or my mood at the time I might try something else but that would depend on those things.

  • I never lead with a pointless smile. Looking like a sales man is your first mistake. Sorry... Sorry not interest. No thank you. =P Do you think so wants someone that's super eager just to be in her presence? =S

    • Maybe a LITTLE responsive, yes, I would expect that.

    • Well girls are usually DEFENSIVE towards guys that have an alligator smile and swoop in on them out of no wear. That is the response... You got to understand, she's done nothing yet to make you smile. So the only thing you could be smiling about is her looks. Attractive people get hit on a lot. Your smiling and eagerness to hit on her just lumps you in with the rest of the morons that want to stick their d*** in her before they say one word.

  • b, b is the answer.

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