Girls, asking you out in a letter?

Is that too much like a text, or more personal? We go to college in different states and have been writing each other back and forth sincei left. If you like the guy, does it even matter?


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  • If it is the first date I am not sure that is such a good idea...Maybe you should call her and ask and maybe for the third date or something you could do the letter idea because that would be really sweet but not for the first date because yes, that is to much like a text but on a later date it would be counted as affectionate not ignorant.

    • GAAHHH! I already did it, I just wanted to know how badly I f'd up. will it change her answer?

    • I don't think she will say no but on the date you may have to be a little more personal and next time you should call her to ask her out if you guys have an awesome date. Then I think she will not even care how you asked her out.

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