YES I finally talked to her so was that good and etc?

Ok I'm 18 and it's my last year in high school.As stated up top I am shy to talk to a girl when I like her but have no problem to talk to her when I see her as a friend. There is this cute, single twin in my language class. We both are photographers but I never talked to her about it. We've been in the same language class since last year. I didn't talk to her about photography last year but her sis and her best friend(girl) told me she was a photographer.They also asked me to show her photos when I was with my laptop but I didn't have any grate ones back then so she didn't like them but now I'm good at it.So I know for a fact that we both wanna get in the same college after high school. Also this week I learnt that she didn't qualify for the school photography exposition but I did with quite a lot of photos and great ones to.

I wear a suit to school so I look confident and sexy and I'm also a bit funny.Also last Monday in language class I had to get out for a sec and when I got in some of the boys started laughing and when I sat down they told me I that I looked like James Bond when I entered the room. But now for the thing I noticed. I was on the third row the boys were in front of me in the 2nd row and the twin was in the 1st row (aka 2 rows in front of me). So when they were saying the James Bond thing she was smiling and looking back and it looked like she was waiting to see what I'll answer(shes done that at least 2 times before). Also there is the thing that a guy from my class asked me if I liked her 3 weeks ago. And finally that same day after language class I was right behind her in the store and when she was leaving and I was paying my stuff she looked at me when she was 2 feet next to me.And today I was a bit drunk and I was a bit funny and I winked at one of her friends when she was looking (I was drunk and didn't want to do it). Then some time during the class I noticed her 2 friends and here twin sister looking at me and smiling a bit.

So today something happened finally. Me and a friend were waiting for Spanish class then she and a few of her frs appeared. So after some time she asked me(rofl I was just gonna start it but faith got in the way) what photography classes I was taking and which professors were hosting them. I told her what I knew. Then asked her a few things about her camera and what she liked photographing. She answered me but didn't talk to me that much. She then started to talk to her friends. So the how time I kept eye contact but I'm pretty sure she smiled when we were talking. The thing is after we talked one of her friends with which I talk more was looking at me a lot but she was staying away from their group(it was the same girl I winked at). Before the girl I liked started talking to me I flirted a bit with the girl that was looking at me. So the girl I like asked me about the photo lessons and tomorrow I'm gonna tell her to join them with me.She told me she wanted to join.

So were those good things/signs?
YES I finally talked to her so was that good and etc?
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