How can I get closer to this guy?

I'm a sophomore in college and I'm interested in this guy in my class who's a junior. We are both in a language class with different teachers, but are required to attended a small section with a TA every week and we happen to be in the same one. It's once a week for about an hour, but since there are only a few students in it we get a lot of chances to talk.

We usually sit across from each other and for some of our exercises we have to ask each other questions so we end up looking at each other, and I will notice that when I am called on to speak he looks at me. Several times we have walked out after class together and talk about general things with the class, splitting up when we get to a certain point and need to head in a different direction.

I think he's really cute and friendly. I was wondering if he had a crush on me too since last class as soon as I walked in he started a conversation with me, and during class he seemed to always glance at me and when we had to say some funny things in class to use our vocabulary (like "good-looking") he seemed nervous. I noticed similar behavior during our recent class. I was talking to another girl and he was looking at me the whole time and listening to my answers, and sometimes adding something or answering my questions to include him in the conversation. When we had to do a language exercise with each other I tried to smile at him and do little things to seem interested. After class he didn't say anything to me though.

Basically we only have 2-3 of these sessions left. We are both continuing the class next year but I don't know if he will be in my same section. I know his name but I couldn't find him on Facebook. I guess I am wondering if he seems interested and what would be okay for me to say? I don't want to come off too strong but I am interested and I would be totally okay with being friends. Would it be weird to ask if he wanted to study for the exam together or should I just focus on talking to him more? Our college is huge so it's unlikely I would see him around much after this class unless we are in the same section or have a way to contact each other.


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  • Yes, he's probably just shy go ahead and ask him to study together. Sometimes you need to to audacious to get things started, since guys are so intimidated these days.


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