GUYS-if you start acting cold towards?

the girl you like; because you're either :shy or intimidated by her or perhaps both? and she does the same to you like acts cold, ignores you and avoids you the same way you started doing to her would you try and talk to get her attention again or would you move on? keep in mind that the girl is very attractive so she has options; however the guy is attractive as well!


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  • get her attention again or else in a few years time she'll be smoking hot and you'll be wondering what stopped you

    • shes already smoking! but yeah thanks!

  • Well if you like her, why would you give her the "cold shoulder". I always thought if you are in to someone, it should be the total opposite...u show them you want them, what part of liking someone says you stay away or act like you hate them?...what did she do to hurt u?.


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