Hanging out as friends after rejection, what to do and what not to do?

I was rejected by a girl I like a lot some months ago. She really likes me as a friend though and she feels really bad for rejecting me. I'd like to try again later because I asked her out and we talked about it on Facebook and never in real life which was quite a mistake. We're a little bit awkward now in real life (I see her daily) even though we can easily chat on the internet. And I feel bad that this had to happen like this.

I'd like to spend some quality time with her as friends though and was wondering for some advice. What should I do when she's at my place, and what shouldn't I do, keeping in mind that she currently feels attracted to somebody else (she was really open and nice about this), that I really want to stay on her good side and that I would like to ask her out again in the future.

P.S.: should I talk about what happened between us? Like, tell her I'm sorry that it happened like that etc? Or would that be a bad idea?

And could her opinion of me change if she gets a view into my daily life? Because she has never really hanged out with me before besides the occasional quick chat/laugh at school.

I'm still in love with her by the way:) And she knows.


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  • I suggest you not mention it. If you're asking her to hang out as friends, then just do what friends do. Don't make it awkward. Show her that it's all good by just being a good friend, not making any moves, and just hanging out and having fun together. That's what a friendship is, and that's probably all she wants.


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