What can be wrong with the person that is considered attractive, but never gets a date?

If guys are that visual why some beautiful girls can't get a boyfriend?



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  • beautiful girls can get laid ALL THE TIME. The reason why they can't get a "boyfriend" is because beautiful women have personality problems.

    The hotter the woman the less her personality.

    Personalities are forged through conflict/adversity. Since beautiful women have everything given to them they don't have much of that because everyone treats them so special/superior.

    Then when they hit 35 suddenly no man wants them, they start THEN getting adversity, but by THEN its too late and they end up having to settle for men who have lower expectations.

    Its called justice.

    • Oh and by the way the reason why they don't make boyfriends out of those lays?

      Because of the WOMAN's "standards". They are so astronomical that there's not a man alive that will ever meet them.

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    • So let me get this straight, because people agree to something THAT is what makes it factually true?

      LOL moron.

    • " See I had a friend in school always the beautiful one when we left school no man wanted to date her as she wasn't sociable and had a personality of a mushroom."

      no one agrees huh?

      "Because sometimes people have awful personalities and even if they are beautiful"

      And those are women.

      So suck on that.

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  • A lot of girls are indeed stuck up and very materialistic. It gets to a point where many guys just don't feel like breaking the ice anymore.

    I've read a lot of dating profiles and I feel that it has helped me get the "driver's seat" mentality of girls and it's quite horrific. There are a lot of attractive looking girls who refuse to date men who don't fit into a very strict criteria. Guys feel like they are sending a resume messaging these girls. They literally ask for a Bachelor's degree or higher even. I can read a dating profile and it will end with a list of "Do not contact me if"'s. They'll list anything from education backgrounds, body types, and educational backgrounds. Ironically, the same girls glorify themselves yet never achieve anything underneath their makeup.

    I can usually spot a stuck up girl through her body language. I find it to be very key.

  • Its one of two things:

    1.) She has a really bad personality. Meaning she is judgmental, entitled, hateful that kind of thing.

    2.) Guys are too intimidated to ask her out. In essence men give up before they even try because past experience tells them they are going to fail anyway so why try.

    By the way we are visual yes but that is only when luring us in it takes a kind personality to keep us with you. As the saying goes "A pretty face can hide a whole lot of ugly." Don't listen to the media we do have personality sanders.

    Now if we are talking about you be kind to shy men those are the ones that will treat you right.

    • What do you mean by being "kind to shy men"? It should be like having patience with them for example?

    • Yes I am one of the shy kind men and we are slow to act (probably why nice guys finish last lol) smile often at the, initiate the conversation with them, patience is important too because from my I have been used by women so it is hard to trust women. Just wait a bit once he feels comfortable around you he will make a tentative shy move or you could make the first move. :)

  • being beautiful has nothing to do with having a boyfriend, may have something to do with getting laid perhaps depending on her personality. Seriously I look around this website and its always the girls who are obsessed by physical looks lol

    As a bloke I shall put this simply, generally speaking it isn't looks which keep a relationship, its how well the peoples personalities match.

  • I talk to them, laugh with them, hang out with them (or not) , as if they were just plain girls.

    They don't like that at all , because they feel entitled to much more. Thus usually they turned to other guys before we're dating. Or not.

  • It's because guys don't initiate contact with her yo! Guys may assume the beautiful woman is out of their leagues, and guys spare themselves the sh*tty feeling of rejection. She'd get hit on by me, but no chance she'd be my girl if she has a sh*tty personality.

  • Idk if you fall into this category but very good looking girls can be kind of intimidating. the better looking a girl is the more nervous / anxious you get around her.

  • Might be beautiful on the outside, but could have an ugly personality.


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  • This happens a lot actually. However it can be due to a lot of things such as men assuming beautiful girls are stuck up, not approachable, or just won't like them. So it can be that men lack in confidence. But even hot guys avoid beautiful girls due to being stereotypes just assuming what kind of person they are. Not trying to be conceded here but Ii consider myself blessed with beauty and I have the handsome man by my side. And have never struggled date due to my personality I've been told via Facebook, text by some men that they find me intimidating because of my looks but when they get to know me I'm not just beauty but also brains. So maybe these beautiful girls should put their personalities put there as that's a key factor looks will only get you so far. Oh and there reason I'm the way I am is because I used to be quite unattractive which meant I only had my personality so when I began to focus on my beauty that's all I had to worry about. See I had a friend in school always the beautiful one when we left school no man wanted to date her as she wasn't sociable and had a personality of a mushroom.

  • Because sometimes people have awful personalities and even if they are beautiful if you can't stand to be around them then that's that

    Or maybe they are too shy or intimidated to make a move