Interested in you the first minute, then the next minute lost total interest

so was not even looking for a guy, totally fine and comfortable being single and hanging out with my girlfriends... (this takes place beginning in October) all of a sudden this guy that I know from one of my school classes comes up and talks with me at the bar. I always thought he was cute but I am graduating in decemeber so never really tried anything. but since he came up to me, we talked and started dancing. I could tell he was into me and then he asked for my number. I gave it and we hung out for most of the night... we started texting right away and he then asked me if I wanted to hang out and we did. I was super attracted to him and he was sweet, making out with him was so fun. one of my guy friends said to me that we looked like a couple...

then fast forward to two weeks later and he was then all distant. I confronted him and he was honest. "i don't feel the connection between us, I'm not into this as I thought I was, I'm not acting myself" so I tried to reason with him and was like your not giving me a fair shot... but basically we are just friends now.

im happy he didn't lead me on anymore but I just still been contemplating why he was so interested in me and then boom out of no where he was gone. I feel his answer was half bullsh*t... like there is more to it. he possibley could of gotten out of a relationship beause of past fb history. but we werent talking long enough to bring up past relationships yet. so it literally can be a lot of things that made him just get up and leave. but why would he start something and then just be like oh I can't do this... like I feel he is scared too


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  • Sounds like you're over thinking it. He gave you a simple upfront explanation, was that not enough for you?

    • i have accepted it and we are just friends... but I feel there is more of a back story. I just don't know because we never talked about past relationships. (I really think he just got out of a relationship) but I just won't know now... oh well

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