What do men really think about younger male/older female dating?

The guy I'm seeing is 10 years younger than I am, he thought we were the same age when we met (been dating for about a year now) and way past the age issue; been discussed and not an issue for us.

I ask because one of my girlfriend's husbands (closer to my age) finally met him over the holiday and I could tell he was surprised. He later asked his wife (my girlfriend) "How old is your friend again, and how old is her bf?" and then she says he just gave her a very sly smile and said "huh?!"

It's driving me crazy now! I want to get in his head , my girlfriend asked him again last night and he just smiles again and said "just askin :) "

What are you men thinking here?!


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  • Well, my wife is 16 years older than I am and we've been together since around 1980 and we still get along great. When we first got together a lot of people told us it wouldn't last. Our friends and family was against it. Obviously they were wrong as I have since been married longer than most all of them.

    However in most cases women (girls) mature sooner than men (boys) so the age thing may seem backward to some people. And for him it may become more of an issue as you age given how others look at it. I would have to say as long as he is mature enough to handle being with an older woman, then it won't matter one bit.

    • Thank you mission62, I've thought the same through the course of the relationship and really did not place too much emphasis on being serious until it was clear he could handle the age factor. Turns out he's quite the mature one - :)

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  • I say...u can't help who you fall in love with. I have no problems with younger men dating older women.

    I must say there's something sexy about a woman in her mid 30s and 40s that takes good care of herself and is confident in herself...so irresistible! :)

  • soooo... you're a cougar huh?

    I'd love it personally. Older woman are sexy.

    Idk if I'd ever want to get super serious though

    • lol, I think you have to be over 40 to be a cougar, I've got a few years to go lol

      Why you wouldn't want to get super serious? Just a question...

    • Different eras, and Atm I'm 22. I don't know if I'd want to be with someone that's bordering 60 when I turn 40. And I will admit society's view on the situation does play a role in my decision making

    • Both of those things also cross my mind , especially when you younger guys start talking about "the future" , thanks for being honest :}

  • Its not bad if she's cool and really good looking

  • it don't matter to me...i like older women


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  • I have always dated younger guys but it was usually from 5 to 8 years younger. These days I am getting hit on by much younger guys and am dating a guy 13 years my junior. We have been together for year and a half and still going strong. I don't think he sees me as a fling until he decides he is ready to settle down. I am actually one of his youngest girlfriends. He says he kept trying to date girls his own age to make his mom happy but doesn't have anything in common with them. I find it's the females that seem to have a problem with it, guys don't seem to care at all. They are reasonable and figure as long as he is happy it is not an issue. Females seem to think that his happiness comes second to societal standards. Not always most people don't care but when someone does it's usually the females.

    • Yes, same here 1) hIt on by much younger males 2)age was a bigger issue to me than it was to him at first

      3)Glad to know the situation is working for you as well ;)

    • And you too. :)