Not sure whether she is interested

Basically this girl just broke up with her boyfriend and we got closer recently. We meet each other at least once per week. She is willing to help me out and listen to my problems, vice versa. When we go shopping, she'll pick clothes for me to try on. She will also try on clothes and ask me for my opinion. Once she held my arms to lead me across the street and at times will find excuses to ask me to touch her hands, like she says she is cold and wants me to feel it. When we dine out we usually share food and drink from the same straw. I haven't really made a move yet until I know that she is definitely interested. Are these signs that she is interested?


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  • I can't say for sure, but from what you are saying it sounds like she is interested in you. Being a girl, I tend to do all the things this girl is doing when I like a guy. You should definitely try to make a move soon!

  • might be

    • why would you bother answering only to say- might be? if he's asking I'm sure he thinks she might be interested. P.S. she definitely is

    • @centre: so wha

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