Is it okay to ignore your boyfriend?

my boyfriend of 7 months wanted to go on a break, its now 3rd and he tried calling me. Is it OK that I didn't pick it up? I was actually busy then, but should I text him now or wait for him to call again?


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  • I'm sure you have probably done something by now, but I'm going to answer anyway...

    I was gonna say to call or text him back. For the simple reason of don't do what you wouldn't want done to you.


    Since he called on the break, like the other girl said. He can't decide that and expect you to come crawling back when HE decides to. Just like HE decided on the break. He is showing very selfish behavior. So considering that. I think it is totally justified if you continue to ignore him.

    So your call. I'm sure you have done something by now, but in case you haven't, those are my two cents.


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  • i disagree with the others. HE wanted the break. a break is a break. you were genuinely busy. does he expect you to sit at home until he waves his magic' break is over; wand. live your life, while you're on break. that's what a break is.

    if you want to text you can, but imo. you're under no obligation. its a bit having your cake and eating it too of him. he wants a break but wants you at his beck and call.

    do what you want. he did.

  • Text him and talk