Trying to avoid boyfriend.... what?

Okay so something in my mind is telling me to go with my boyfriend but there is this rush inside of me that is making me avoid my boyfriend. I don't know why but anyone got any ideas? Why is this happening? :(

Thanks guys/girls :)

Guys Thank you for helping. Now I know why I was avoiding him. And its NONE of the answers. Here is what happened yesterday:

We were at a normal party, no alcohol.Then we started talking all of the ppl, we were in beds but there was only one big bunk bed which was mine and another girl's.
she came down and he came up. We started making out on the bed when suddenly he got on top of me. I wasn't able to move, but my arms were around himm. He started raising my shirt and at the same time kissing my neck, but he suddenly went lower and lower when he got to my chest. he removed my bra and started kiising my boobs. I couldn't move at all but I was saying to stop. but he didn't stop cause he has ADD and he didn't take his pills. it was impossible to stop him.

Please help, I'm scared of him


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  • You're young and possibly not ready to be in a committed relationship. It's possible you feel trapped.

    • ii don't know cause like I want to go out with my friends but its been already one month and like, he doesn't creep me out or anything, but like for example today when I arrived to school (cause I'm 17) I was like, go this way, pretend you are looking for a teacher or something, I don't know but something tells me to not go with him...

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    • I think you did the right thing. Good luck finding a more respectful guy (or not, single life isn't so bad after all). :)

    • i know :) I feel super free now, although I always see him starring at me in a way of... why!'? ha ha I feel free, I can finally hang out with my friends all the time :D

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  • Go with him where? The Drive-Thru? Maybe he is a bad driver or you don't like fast food?

    Maybe you don't fancy him any more? Maybe you're nuts about him? Maybe he is a bit creepy and he's creeping you out?

    What do you think?

    • i think I have answered all of your comments at the first comment that apears

  • well you are 16, so its understandable

    • soooo...he tried to rape you

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    • okay I will, thanks for helping though :)

  • Must be something he did or said. So you need to figure out what it could be.

    • i don't know! :( I explained a little more at the last comment posted :)

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