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So my ex moved onto my street? Is she playing hard to get or what?

So my ex, a girl I've had history with for basically the whole year. Just moved out of her house and into an apartment in the city, 45 minutes away.. on my street.

First time around it didn't work out because she said she wanted me and fell for me and everything even though we weren't exclusive, which is what I wanted we were talking 24/7- but she turned around and kissed a kid drunk in front of me, I ended things she turned around and ran after me texting and calling me 100 times saying she only wanted me, and thought I wanted the same, but I didn't ask her out too much, or invite her over to watch a movie and spend the night.. etc.

We were on and off since then. Now she lives on my street. I had her in my bed within a week. We started talking again, hanging out a lot, and things were good. So I decided I'd give her what she wanted last time and ask her out and over for movies and such. And she works a lot but she'd say things like "I'd really love too, but I'm so tired I'd fall asleep on you right away if I came over" and I was getting pretty frustrated so I was like listen this is my last attempt, I'm not gonna keep putting myself out there if you don't agree. She got pissed and said sorry but she wasn't lying. I asked again a couple days later and she was like "idk if its a good idea, we'd end up cuddling/kissing/hooking up, which would make things worse in the long run." I was like wait, wtf? And we haven't really talked since.

But when we're out - she calls and texts me asking where I am and if I want to meet up and stuff, even on nights she knows I am not out, she stares at me to see what I am doing, asks my friends where I am if she can't find me, gets jealous when she sees me with other girls, takes me aside, grabs me, flirts with me, kisses me, then we go to her place or my place and she lies down on my lap watching TV and tells me she doesn't want me to leave, begs me to stay. I got a girls number last weekend, then met up with the girl I am talking about, she grabbed my phone and went through it, was like "who the f*** is this girl in your recent calls?" and called her at least 5 times, I'd grab the phone and hang up, and she'd keep doing it. Even her friend who I don't know all too well was like "woah I have seriously never seen her act like this before!" And when we all left, she ran up to me on the street, grabbed me/kissed me/held my hand and then brought me up to her place.

My question is - what is her deal? Is she still into me or what? Is she playing hard to get? I have no idea what to do in this situation because its seriously the most confusing thing in the world to me. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you!
So my ex moved onto my street? Is she playing hard to get or what?
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