What's NICER in the long run when dealing with a guy you aren't interested in?

i have a lot of guys that like me and it kinda offends me because a lot of them are just so unattractive yet they reek with so much confidence and I'm the kind of person where I don't like to be mean to people and I'm also very friendly. those guys mistake my friendliness for flirting and end up asking me out later, saying I was giving them so many "signs" and they thought they'd just take a chance and tell me how they feel since I seem to feel the same way. should I just continue to be friendly but not blame myself if the guy ends up believing that my friendliness is flirting or would it be better to just show no emotion or friendliness in my words when they talk to me so they can get the hint right away and not get turned down later?

ALSO...how can I NICELY let a guy get the hint that I don't like him like that. I don't want to be a bitch, I just want these guys to get the point


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  • well the nicest thing that you can do is just to tell them straight up. we guys tend not to get small hints.

    don't worry about sounding bitchy, just tell them that you're not interested in them.

    • I have to agree. Most guys don't mind hearing "No, sorry." as long as it's not "Eww! WTF is your problem!?".

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  • I have this problem all the time. It's because you're out of someone's league but you're being too nice to them. They mistake this friendliness for interest. As for letting someone down nicely, I just use "I'm not interested, sorry." or "I don't like you like that.".

    • i use the "i don't like you like that" quite often and they still think they have a chance by saying, "well get to know me more and you will babe;)" and it's ike UGHH no..

    • That's when I pull out the "I'm not interested." ;D

    • And this is why I don't bother making a move.

  • just say "i don't want to waste your time, you can find someone better than me for you"

    btw, are you only physically not attracted to these guys? or does their personality turn you off when talking to them?

  • I thought girls weren't shallow? I thought it was about "what's on the inside" that matters?

    • well it's only fair if I can be attracted to THEM if they're attracted to me. I know the only reason they approach me is because they find ME attractive...it's not fair if they are the only one with the attraction while I'm so repulsed by them

    • LOL, shallow bitch

      If a guy is attracted to you, you HAVE to be attracted to him

      Not the other way around

    • you do sound very shallow... poor guy can't help how his face looks lol at least talk about them with a bit more respect, perhaps they have to seem more confiden t to compensate for being ridiculously ugly lol

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  • You need to actually tell them that they aren't datable. Even if it's something like "you're such a great friend" or something to let them know you are friends. Every girl needs to learn males101-GUYS DON'T GET HINTS. Tell them how it is and avoid all of this hinting stuff.

  • Don't be friendly to guys who are ugly.guys mistake friendliness with interest so just don't be extra friendly to a guy if he's ugly, then he won't think he has a chance. Its not your fault they make those incorrect assumptions, but just to save yourself the annoyance, tone down the friendliness.

    With guys like that, just be straight up and tell them you don't like them.don't worry about hurting their feelings, guys aren't very sensitive so what you think might hurt a guys feelings probably wouldn't even affect him.you have to remember guys only talk to girls they think are hot and want to F***.if he didn't think you were hot he wouldn't be being nice to you either so just be honest with him.if he still tries to give you some lame line, say something like no after I got to know you I still wouldn't be interested and end the conversation


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