What kind of girls get approached at clubs?

Are they the sophisticated/hot ones that guys really do desire or probably just the mediocre looking ones that these dudes think they have a higher chance with? Or do they just hit on the easy girls? What's up with guys just staring/looking at a girl but not saying a thing? Besides, what does it say about a girl when a dude approaches her and ask her to dance. Bearing in mind that she is not on the dance floor and he doesn't know her. Did he ask her for he thought she was attractive?

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I'm talking super clubs that attract a more sophisticated/relatively richer crowd. I kind of figured that all ladies will get approached at some point in time. Nonetheless, which sort of girls will men gravitate towards?


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  • The girls who get approached most often at clubs is usually the waitresses.

    • Hahaha lol! But honestly...

    • All kinds of girls, cuzz there are all kinds of guys. ; - )

    • Fair enough, thank you all the same! :)

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  • Approaching a girl in the club depends on the man's mindset. A girl not being approached doesn't mean she's been found unattractive or too hot to handle kind of a thing.

    There are tons of guys who are out there for various reasons and there is a taker for every kind of girl and vice versa.

    Some guys though may be seem to be having fun and eyeing women may not be the ones to pick up any woman though they exchange glances etc whereas some guys are there ONLY for the women and will probably wind up asking almost anyone till they garner someone ;) :D

    Personally, I'd approach anyone who catches my eye and I sense I'll vibe with her immaterial of anything else. BUT I'd prefer her being hot and desirable to 'my eyes' ;)

  • Pretty much all girls get approached at clubs at some point.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth...hope you wiped em off first!

  • If the guys are standing around this proves one point. Guys don't have to do anything in general the women do all the work. American men are somewhat lame.

    So at best you are getting a good fart maker.

    Good luck

  • All girls get approached in clubs. If a guy is attracted he will approach you if he is confident.

  • It's hard to talk at clubs. It's loud and chaotic. There's no way we'll approach sophisticated and hot girls here.

    The easy girls are girls that we know we have a chance at. All we need to do is give off the right body language, dance with her, and then make out with her. Usually mediocre girls and easy girls are not mutually exclusive.

  • Which ever one I think will give it up the easiest.

  • All women get approached in clubs.


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