Thoughts on me waiting to ask my crush out?

I want to give her a kickass gift... my physical transformation. Right now I already have a good amount of muscle but still also have plenty of fat. Imma burn that fat and get ripped to shreds for her, brahs. The next time she sees me she's gonna go "ohhhhhh f***" and I'll be the guy she's smashing in her dreams =)

Current physique:

Discuss my plan.


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  • This has got to be a trolling question.

    I can't imagine a guy being this self absorbed on his "Physical Transformation". Sounds like a really sad day time talk show topic."Look at me,I went from geek to chic...brah."

    Sounds like someone is trying compensate for something...else.Ahem...

    I'm going too far.

    I've typed too much already.All in all...WHO CARES.Clearly you do.

    I'm off to Mcdonalds...and afterward I will make a protein shake.

    Lol...physical transformation

    • Aint women less concerned about looks and more into confidence and other inner qualities? He is assuming women are sight oriented just like himself.

    • I believe women do care about looks...just as men do.Equally.I didn't even look at the pics.Seems like a trolling question.He seems in love with himself,not in a good way.But what do I know.

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  • Honestly...not all women like bulk and too much muscle. Make sure you're not doing it for anyone else but yourself.

  • You need to do it for yourself and not anyone else.

    Good Luck

  • Never waight to ask your crush out in my opinion it's actually stupid and uniteactive

  • uhmmmm then come to find out she likes skinny emo boys, d'oh!

  • ask her out and stop focusing on trying to look like a jock. If she's worth it, she'll like you for you. You could work on your body while you guys are dating. Btw.. posting a pic in your boxer briefs on this site is far from cool. lmao

  • Don't do anymore thigh exercises because they are already beefy and guys with too big around legs are too much

    You already look pretty good to be honest.

    Focus on your chest and abdomen area, don't bulk up too much because it will start to look too extreme.

    Honestly focus on losing the extra fat. Maybe just clean up your diet and do more cardio.

    Your arms look pretty good already.

    Stomach the stomach area.

    If you are eating breads, tortillas or chips or stopping for a month or two and see how it goes.

    Wish you were my guy :)


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