Am I wrong for asking for it back?

I gave my mom 50$ for a really nice camera.

I gave her a payment, to show I was serious about getting it.

I ended up getting my uncle's camera so I wanted my money back. Logical response right? Money I worked for, (babysat and whatnot) We are not the richest people, and my dad is out of work. He is going back next week. So if she needed the money for bills, I wish she would have told me. I would let her have it.

Am I wrong for asking for my money back?

She said she used it on my Christmas gifts, in which she used all my relatives money to buy it, so why did you need mine?

This is not the first time it has occurred. She took my brothers 40 from my aunt this Christmas. Also, I spent about a year collecting change and I got 100 from it, but she took all of it. My dados a terribly stingy man when it comes to money. I just don't know how to feel towards the situation.


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  • No, let her have it, if you keep having these mental impulses to make such a big deal about money you will always be poor.

    • My father is a terrible man when it comes to money, I always give mom the money I have to help pay bills. She never said she needed it, that's fine with me but where is my babysitting money then? I just don't known if I should let it go or not

    • Let it go, do it for your future.

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  • That is tough. Yes she should give it back and should have asked you, but if it was for your present and your dad wasn't working at the time she probably needed all she could get to get you Christmas gifts. So technically she should pay you pack without a doubt. But like I said it is a tough situation and depending on how your parents are it may be a road you don't want to go down. If it were my mom I could see her throwing the ungrateful card at me and guilting me out of asking for it back.

    • But she got my clothes, I get a lot of handy downs that I was happy with, and she bought me 6 shirts, I'm happy with them but I didn't need them necessarily. I'm not sure if that's coming from my heart or me just wanting my original money back. I feel like I'm stressing over nothing but since its the 3rd time I just wanted to say something.

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