What should I do - my girlfriend ignores me?

iv been in a relationship since 9 months and I really love her but I don't think she loves me as much as I do.she talks only two times in a day .Doesn't seem much interested when we are talking also.last time she said I was boring.i feel really bad.and when we have a fight she never makes up I have to make every time and says that if I'm not happy then I should end the relationship? Please help I'm distressed


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  • i think you deserve someone who ll appreciate ur love.someone who ll love what you do to her.if you really wanna be w her then just give her the space she needs and dnt get upset by who she is not everyone expresses their love in the same way.u might be more expressive and romantic maybe she shows her love differently maybe she doesn't show her love all the time but she still loves u.everyone is different.but if you aren't happy in this relation then just leave her and find someone who is more romantic and ll find you interesting not boring.if its boring to love someone so much then there is something wrong w that person.be yourself you are great.


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  • hey man.. she is testing you...

    My tip .. backoff from her. I suspect you have become needy. In your eyes you see it as you like her and want to speak or spend time with her.. in hers she sees it as needy..

    Again I suspect she has to make no effort to keep you..

    Read your question back to yourself and ask is this somemthing James Bond would ask.. not a chance he wouldn't care and in turn this would make her care as you become the one she has to work at to keep ie the challenge.. I recommend a book by FJ Shark.. "How to be the jerk women love" this will change how you see it all.

    Become the prize not. You don't ned her to make your day or smile and when you do this puts pressure on her.. Change now the warning signs are there, it won't last much longer if you dont.

    Message me if you want more..best wishes

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