Women, do you ever intentionally put men in Lose Lose situations?

Hey girls, do you actually get a thrill out of putting a man in a lose lose situation?

For example, a girl asked me the other day if she could model...of course I said "yes, she could" since she's hot and then she asked me "face model or body model". So I didn't answer her. Why?

Well because if I said face, she would get insecure about her body and get really mad at me for it. If I said body, she would get really insecure about her face and get mad at me about it.

So do you actually get a thrill out of doing these things?


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  • You can say both, you have a beautiful face that would be unfair for the world not to see and you have a sexy body that you can tell you have worked hard to get and therefore should also be ashamed to go unnoticed. I don't think she gets a thrill out of asking, sounds like she us just fishing for a compliment to make herself feel go.


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  • These little head games are generally rooted in low self esteem and search for approval.

    Your best bet is not allow her to engage you that way. But she does, keep it short.


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  • I don't think they get a thrill out of it, unless they have a sick sense of humor. They are looking for a compliment or confidence boost, without really considering the ugly position in which it puts you.

    • SO you think women make decisions without thinking of their S.O.'s as well (first)

    • Sometimes, but so do men. This particular scenario just happens to be more a female thing, but men can be equally thoughtless, perhaps more so.