Advice...? I'm not sure why my ex did this..

My ex kept asking me to talk so I finally caved and said we could. He called me and was asking how my family and I was, we talked about a few things other things, but then he started asking if I was dating anyone and asked how it was going. He told me how long his girlfriend and him have been together and that they've had their ups and downs. We talked a bit more and then he apologized for some things he did and tried talking all the blame for our relationship problems. I told him it wasn't all him though. Anyways my question is why contact me now asking, and saying these things? He said he hopes we can talk more and become friends again, but I honestly can't see that happening. Talking to him made me realize I wasn't completely over him so I can't be friends.


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  • He is feeling guilty about whatever he did to cause the breakdown, even if it wasn't ALL his fault. That's why he wants to be friends, mainly.

    Of course, he probably misses you, too, girlfriend or not. It's hard to say goodbye to someone you've cared for, and thik you will never see them again. There are places and things that will always remind him of you, no matter how many years go by.


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  • I'm only going off the info you posted, and there could be a lot of reasons. But, he was asking to talk to you, which means he wanted to see you. The whole ups and down thing he said about his girlfriend...he was definitely downplaying her and not wanting to talk about that (or her). Is he a guy that apologizes when he's wrong normally? If not, don't you think that's a little weird that he would "beg" you to talk to you...only to apologize for things that happened in a relationship you both USED to have? Again I only know what you posted, about this but that seems very odd.

    • He didn't "beg" me, he just asked a few times. He probably would have talked about his girlfriend if I had asked, but I didn't really want to ask. I do know he told his girlfriend that we talk, but I still don't get why he wanted to speak to me.

  • He just don't want to lose an important person, you, who is close to his heart.

    We all have that feeling. Just because we had a little misunderstanding/argument with a person doesn't mean we are ready to cut them off our life forever.


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