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Why does someone just leave without saying goodbye?

I honestly do have feeling for this guy. He is in his early 20s and I am in my late teens. We're not close as best friends, but we are comfortable and get along really well. He teased me a lot by being mean yet sweet. He constantly asked if I am okay and how I am doing whenever we see each other. He hugged me not so often only when we're alone together.He even said to me that I was very beautiful. He held my hand twice and the first time he did it lasted for several seconds. Realizing all these things he's done and said to me, I started liking him because he makes me feel special. The way he looks and talks to me was just different, as others would notice, too. When I started having feelings for him and he just started smiling and laughing a lot whenever he sees me, it felt weird. So I asked him, "Why do you always smile when you see me, and he said "Because I'm happy when I see you." Then, sometimes, he would just tease me out of the blue to another guy whom he heard from people that has feelings for me. He would just bring up his name in our conversation. I am a lady, it's obvious when you see a guy's face if he's jealous or not. The face, eyes, and reaction tell the truth about the situation. And just when I thought things are going smoothly, I found out he was leaving for good. What hurts the most is that he never even told me about it even if I brought up the topic of someone leaving in our conversation before I knew he was leaving. When I asked him, "Where are you going to pursue the next job?" He would always say that he would tell me when he's done. He says that whenever I asked him about his job whether he likes it or not and where is he going to do it next. He always responded,"I'll tell you when I'm done." It shocked and offended me when I found out he told other people he was not even really close to or even that friends with that he was leaving, but he didn't even bother to tell me. I am even a friend to him more than those he told the news to. Those people he told to were just coworkers, but I am both a coworker and a friend to him because we hanged out outside work and talk about personal things besides work.

To make it short, when I finally told him that I knew he was leaving,but didn't bother asking why he didn't tell me, he said, "Let's eat before I leave, okay? Let's go somewhere." I said okay. Few days before he left, he came to our office, and suddenly hugged me tight, and said he'll call me tomorrow.I said okay assuming we're having dinner if he calls.The sad and hopeless part was that, he never did, even until the following days before he left, and even until he finally left. No call and not even a text. It really was more painful knowing he just left without saying goodbye. Until now, I am still waiting and wondering why he did such a thing to me. I mean,at least I thought I was a friend at least, but what he did was totally inconsiderate and it felt like I was not even a friend at all to him for forgetting about me.

Why does someone just leave without saying goodbye?
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