Plan A...Kissing my crush?

So there the boy I d,ont see often but obviously head over heels with~I'm not sure if he likes me back too Because he displayed signs of interest, like turning shy to me only, stares and act silly /manly at times...but when I talk to him, he turns around and couldn't stand still, and had quite cold replies in Facebook etc...

So we talked two times but both are awkward and short...I'm deciding if I should confess whn he comes back, so plan A is meeting him somewhere alone and pull him close to kiss him, see how he reacts, and say do you know I like you a lot?/ do you wanna be my boyfriend? Do you think he'd accept me?


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  • i have the exact same thing with this girl I like. I feel really weird talking to her as the conversations are really short and a bit awkward at times, but I feel the need to at least be around her. there are some signs that I find good but she seems she can't stay around me for too long she has to move away a bit... it's like one of those sharks that circles around to see the food, she says something, or does something then slowly moves away. she overhears stuff and might jump back in the conversation with short answers from there. but still in a shy weird way. she acts differently around me compared to the other people.

    as for fb or YM she never starts convos; when I do, she replies back, we laugh and have fun at each other then she starts sending short answers, fades away and I don't get it. I once asked if I pissed her in any way... she said no. you should do that over fb he'll get it you don't know what to make out of the chats over fb.

    try and get time alone with him. my crush's friends seem to be very protective and that scares me a bit. they also feel I like her and I'm wondering why aren't they doing anything.

    either ask him on a real date, or ask him to go to the coffee shop with you to buy something. this way it will look casual (better chances to not freak him out ) and you'll get to talk to him. insist if he says no at first. think of some subjects to talk with him, ways to keep him talking if he gives short answers. BUT I believe it's because of his friends... he doesn't want them to know he crushed.

    as for the kissing part. he might freak out and say he doesn't like you . then :

    A. he either mans up after a while and confesses he actually likes you. (what would be the chances)

    B or he deosn't man up, he'll avoid you even more and you'll have to work harder to get him to confess as he already said no.

    • But you think he actually likes me too?

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    • So what happened wif you and your crush then?

    • still working on it. she kind of accepted an invitation to the movies when I asked her to go. she brought her bff as I was going with another guy. there were some interesting "signs" . BUT I'm mislead that her BFF feels I like my crush and said I go places/do stuff just because my crush is while she was there and I don't know if her BFF knows something about my crush liking me or not. would she say that if she knew my crush doesn't like me back ?! I wanted to ask if she likes me today but left..

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  • Yes, he's definitely interested in you. Your Plan A may work like a charm, however you need to have a conversation first. A deep one. If you suddenly pull him and kiss, perhaps he'll be crept out and will be confused. Here's Plan B. Pull him somewhere alone, and have a fun conversation. In the midst of the conversation, you can now execute Plan A.

    • But he didn't say thx for my happy birthday greeting to him! N we have nothing to talk about~we are so different

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    • It's because he likes you. What if it's the opposite and you're the shy type, and he just pulls you close and starts kissing you.? Wouldn't you have a wonderful feeling?

    • But he's not the shy one, he's outgoing with everyone else:P

  • get him alone, kinda hug him and say that I like you...and nothing more. then while coming back from a hug...stop close to his cheeks/ lips and go for it! its gonna work out!

    • So just calling him and kiss him right away is not an good idea?

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    • I'm not sure if he will go out with me because we don;t c each other often, and yes I'm quite desperate tooo

    • well, $hi#. just go for a kiss. its not like he is gonna reject the kiss if he is willing to meet you somewhere alone. worse thing happens that you won't get a kiss and you move on and it will also show him that you like him. so, if he wants you, he will come to you by himself I guess. if not, then you have already moved on to a better guy!

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