How would you want a girl to approach you?

I want to approach a boy who goes to my school. I have never talked to him. I don't know what to say. I just want him to kind of notice me in a way. I know he knows who I am, we just have never talked & he kind of intimidates me. If you are a guy, what would impress you if a girl came up to you & started talking?


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  • Approaching a guy isn't like approaching a girl where you have to be charming and funny. Look at the comments below all these guys are saying they'd be happy if a girl approached them.

    Just come up to him and ask him a question and try to segue into a conversation from there. You don't necessarily need to seal the deal on the first conversation but it can get your foot in the door and take from complete stranger to some kind of acquaintance and familiarity. then try to talk to him more often.

    if you see him, if you talk to him, flirt with him and smile a lot.


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  • Girls seem to worry about approaching guys and I have no idea why. I guess it's just because the stress guys put on approaching girls...


    Girls get approached often and tend to be more closed off to getting approached and it isn't uncommon for them to be outright rude to guys.

    Guys are the complete opposite when we are approached. I have never heard of a single time where a dude isn't anything less than incredibly polite when approached. Guys really appreciate and respect the confidence required for a girl to do this. I cna almost guarantee you the guy will be receptive to talking with you.

    That's not to say that he will be interested. He may or may not be, but if he isn't he will be polite about it and continue to talk with you in a friendly manner and try to break the stress with humor to make you feel better.

    I once had a female I spoke with fairly often in passing literally start laughing and just walk away when I asked for her number. Every guy I know and most of the male population have had something like this happen. As a result guys are way easier to approach because we know how it feels to be treated like we're a creep just for approaching someone and would never do the same to someone else if it were the reverse.

  • A girl who's confident, an easy way is if you share a class to ask about homework or whatever, easy icebreaker. Other than that, if you have the balls to do it, go strait up to him and say something like, "Hey I don't really know you but do you wanna hang out and get coffee or something sometime?". If a girl walked up to me and said that I'd say yes in almost every situation.

  • tell him your friends dared you to talk to him for 5 the end of should be in a normal conversation.

    As far as the second part of your question is concerned, I won't wanna be approached by women.

    since all the hot girls or the girls I am interested in never do it & the girls who have approached me,I am not interested in them(as far as physical attraction is concerned).

    But I do appreciate the efforts they have put in.

    • if it doesn't go well...its all good since you can leave saying "it was a dare" no awkward moments :)

  • I'd be happy if a girl had the confidence to approach me period.

    • But what should I say!

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    • This. It doesn't work for guys because females automatically assume all guys approaching them are weird unless they are anything short of channing tatum. Guys appreciate the ballsyness this requires. You could always be discrete, ask about a class yall have together. Ask a question about the class. Find something you don't understand as well as he does and ask him to meet you for coffee and help you.

    • If you go with the more subtle way at some point you're going to have to break the subelty. Girls try to lead guys on and get the guy to ask them, but a lot of guys are scared of rejection and unsure if the girl really is interested. You could always say something like "Hey I'm getting pretty hungry are you gonna go eta anywhere after?" This opens it up for him to ask you to go eat. Or you can just flat out ask him to dinner if you want. Don't understand why females expect guys to always ask.

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  • Ya I asked this very same question like a year ago when I first started ,not many answers I think they said to say hello. I pretty much gave up,I'm too shy and scared to make the first move.

    Id say try to initiate convo and see how that goes.

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