Misreading her being nice or reading too much into her actions?

People, this is a bit long and perhaps boring. But I desperately need some answers. Help me out.

There are three persons involved in this- A (my crush, the prettiest/hottest/outgoing girl in our class), me (introverted, shy) and B (close mutual friend, BFF of A)

- Although we have been classmates for over three years, it wasn't until recently that we both became close, we talk a lot nowadays and there is a lot of eye contact. Once she started giving me all this attention, I kind of fell for her and started hanging around her more. We both seemed to enjoy it.

- One day, our mutual friend B asked me if I wanted to be in a relationship. I said no thinking she was hitting on me since I had already fell for A. Later, B started hanging around me with her boyfriend. A few months later, when I asked her, she said that she was just making small talk. (Is there a chance A asked B to check if I'm interested?)

- A lot of accidental touching, mostly brushing over my hands and apologizing for it.

- Heard a friend tease her about making "confessions of love" when I was close by

- We were at a gathering recently and she caught ME staring at her. We looked into each others eye for around three seconds, but I looked away because it creeped me out. When I looked back two seconds back, she was still holding the eye contact.

- Around an hour after the extended eye contact, she sat next to me and in a conversation teased me saying that she knew a lot more about me than I thought.

- Mixed signals - told me once to "let her once when I go to a certain place" but finished the sentence with "maybe I'll go later"

- Compliments me a LOT on my paintings, even the finer details in them. ( Was she out of stuff to talk about with me?)

- At a gathering, she came over to me and asked me to let her have a sip of my drink, which I did. (could it be because I was the only guy there and she wanted to make me comfortable?)

- Out of nowhere, my male friends ask me if I find her attractive and often tease me about her.

- I once saw her fingers shivering when we were sitting close together sharing a book in class. (yeah, it was summer)

- Tweets about stuff I liked on Facebook

- I got a haircut and she got one the very next day, looks damn pretty now

Body language:

1) Stands close to me whenever we are in a group, inside my personal space

2) Feet pointed towards me (almost always when we have out alone or in groups)

3) Sits next to me in most occasions

4) Mirroring my postures (a couple of times)

So what do you guys think about these 'signals' (if they are). Am I reading too much into it since I have never been this close to a girl before. I'm damn shy and don't talk to people unless I really need to.

Will a girl who likes you tell you straight that she likes you? or am I supposed to read into the signals and make a move? were her friends trying to set us up?

If she does like me, how should I let her know that I like her too?


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  • When B asked you about the relationship I think there is a big change it was for A, that is what girls do for each other especially if they are bff's and she has a boyfriend!

    To me it sounds like she really likes you and wants you to make the first move!

    If I like a guy I wouldn't tell him, I'm way to shy, I would only tell him if I knew he felt the same way for me.

    I would definitely try to ask her out! To me it seems like she is desperately trying to get your attention anyway!


  • it sounds like she likes you :D but girls usualy expect the guys to be the brave one and streight ..

    so I think you should tell her that you like her, you shouldn't be shy, it seems like she kind a likes you too so don't worry just enjoy your time and tell her that you like her :D

    i hope this helps


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