Guy can't make up his mind?

I have been talking to this guy for a while and at first, everything was cool. He told me he liked me and I said a felt the same. A couple of weeks later he gives me some speech about how I'm not the girl for him,and he's not the guy for me but we can still be friends. Now he doesn't talk to me and when he does there's always a friend with him and he always mentions girls he is/was talking to. Last night he was talking about how Valentine's day would suck for him because he's single and asked me to hang out with him but I never answered.. I texted him later on about it but he never answered. so what's going on? First he likes me then he rejects me then sometimes he doesn't talk to me for days but when we talked he always asks me dumb stuff like what is my Facebook status about stuff like that. also always says dumb stuff that gets on my nerves and ask me to hang out with him what is going on? should I just give up?


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  • You should just give up. It's clear that he's holding you around as a "last resort" girl for him.

    Take for example, he doesn't anyone for V-day, that's why he turned to you.

    • I guess you're right..

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