Does he really know what he wants?

Here's the story so you can understand the situation;

I met this guy Tanner in my Economics class this past September, and we started talking just in a basic peer to peer way. And he one day my friends in that class, including him and I, were playing a game, and I brought up how this guy named Steve in the same class was really cute. Tanner asked me for my number because he needed to tell me something about him but didn't want people to know, so I gave him my number and told me that Steve likes someone already. So I told him in person I know, and that was the end of the texting. Around 5 that night I get another text from him asking if I wanted to go to the movies with him, I said no. But we continued to talk for a couple of days. His best guy friend lives down the street from me, and one night he was taking him home, and asked if I wanted to hang out for a little while, I said sure and so we hung out. At that point, I started to get feelings for him, and we kissed and made out, but after that night we gradually stopped talking. Fast forward to December, he texts me on x-mas day to say merry x-mas, and we talked for a couple of hours, then stopped talking. New years he texted me again and we started talking briefly, but stopped again on my terms. I recently went on Vacation to another state for 2 weeks and we talked the entire time I was there. Needless to say this is where I need help, he kept saying that I'm the only one, and so I said whatever that means, he replied the only one I want. A couple of days later, he called me his girlfriend, and him my boyfriend. Now, while I was on vacation he said he wouldn't date me from a distance, and when I asked him what about when I go back? He said it depends, and he doesn't do well with commitment and such. Soon after, he said that he doesn't do high school like relationships (we're still in high school)

What do you think he wants to do with me? Some of my close friends think he's nervous because he doesn't open up a lot, and his previous relationship from 3 years ago destroyed him.

I appreciate everyone taking their time to respond, Thank you very much.


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  • It must be that he doesn't want to go through the fear he had experience when he was in a relationship, that is a girl leaving him. The distance might really prove difficult for him.

    • I'm back into town though, and he isn't nearly as flirty as he was when I was on vacation.

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