Why would a girl go out of her way to sit next to me if she likes me?

A bunch of people on this website, and other websites, have made me fairly confident that a girl I like, who I'm mildly good friends with, likes me back, but there's one thing that is kind of seriously bothering me, still. She goes out of her way to not sit next to me. Like, even if I'm closer to where she enters the room, she goes and sits in a different desk that's, like, a few over from me, usually sitting so that there's a a person or two between us. She still initiates conversations with me, which I know is an important sign, but she rarely sits next to me, and never attempts to make any physical contact with me. Assuming that she does, indeed, like me, though, why would she do this?

Oh, f***. I meant "Why would a girl go out of her way to not sit next to me if she likes me?"


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  • she could be intimidated, and doesn't want to sit directly next to you because she is scared of messing something up with you... could just be her nerves, and the fact that when someone is sitting in between you, you're not as close and those nerves calm down


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  • Maybe someone gave her some (in my opinion poor) advice not to look desperate.

    Tell her, "It's too bad you never sit next to me, otherwise we'd be able to talk to each other more often."

    • Okay, yeah, I was wondering if something like that may be a possibility. She's only been doing it recently, for some reason.

    • Thank you, by the way.

  • She probably doesn't like you.

    Anyway what are you doing? Make a move already. If she likes you, you'll find out. If she can't stand your guts you'll find out.

    But she is 100% gonna lose interest or get snatched up by some other guy if you don't make a move NOW.

  • One of two things I suppose she either likes you... or she can't f*cking stand you. If it's anything like my situation it seems like she has a personal goal not to speak to me at all... pretends she ain't listenin but takes in my comments sometimes agrees or whatever and stay on the subject all the while not looking one second my way. That bothers me

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