Why do I attract so many women who want to cheat with me or have an affair?

I know most guys would probably like this, and my friends who are girls always laugh at me for making comments about this, but it seems strange and I want a female perspective on this. Basically, just about all of the girls who seem to like me or flirt with me always end up being married or living with a guy, or at the very least dating another guy seriously. They all end up making it clear at some point that they just want a fling and to bang me on the side without anyone finding out.

This is true from the ages of early twenties all the way up to women in their forties! I admit the attention is flattering, and there are some girls who I would never have thought would be into me and are super hot who end up trying to have an affair with me. They can be kind of dangerous too - a few have tried to get me to come over to their house or apt when their husband/boyfriend is gone, while others just pretend the bf/husband doesn't exist until I catch them in a lie.

I guess I want to know why this happens!?!?!? They all tend to be very physically attractive and confident Latinas or white girls, and I find out eventually they all seem to have a huge sex drive regardless of being 20 or 40.

I am 6ft3 and a very muscular build with a big chest/thighs/arms and low bodyfat levels, so that might be part of it. I have kind of a baby face though, and one girl told me that she had kind of a Desperate Housewives type fantasy with me because I looked kinda like that gardener guy. The only other decent answer I got is that I seem "unavailable" to them, whatever that means!

They really don't seem interested in anything other than physical stuff, which my female friends always laugh at me for not taking advantage of most of the time. It also makes it kind of hard for me to trust a girl since this has happened over and over to me! Why is this happening? Is it really that common for girls to want to cheat? Are some of them wanting to date me? Why the lying about their boyfriends/husbands? Do I just bring out the perv girls? Ha, ha!
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Any more feedback on this from the ladies?
Why do I attract so many women who want to cheat with me or have an affair?
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