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Did he ever love me or want me back? What does his actions say? its been a week of no contact.He is 37,I'm 30

I broke up with my exBF a month ago.We dated for 6 mos, we see each other all the time, hang out for hours, dine out, sex etc.. After the break up we still talk, dine out, hangout for hrs – no sex just holding hands,hugs&kissing.He wear&use the things I gave him when he go see me.He also started showing me pictures of his family(who lives in Asia).We've been thinking of driving to Vancouver before&now he brought it up saying that we should go to Vancouver.I initiated the 1st contact just bec I want to make sure that he did not forget to get his flight schedule fr the company who wants to fly him out of state for work interview – He was looking for a job when we started dating& he still is. All the other contacts like diner etc were initiated by him.We alternate paying fordinner bills/activities.

Reasons why I broke up with him:

1. It's so hard to communicate with him.He is very private, not emotional/ insensitive.can't read him.I've encouraged him to talk to me-failed.don't feel like I'm important to him.

2. We love ballroom dancing.1 Friday we went skiing,Saturday–he didn't contact me so I didn't bother him so he can have his “me time”.Sunday he called me for dinner, had a good time. Monday, I found out that he went ballroom dancing on Saturday w/c he did not mention.I was so hurt–I asked him why he didn't tell me&he said he doesn't know.He always tell me when he go dancing w/o me.My max dancing time is 2 hrs but he can go for 4 hrs.I don't rush him tho when we go dancing,I always tell him to go dance, have fun &I'll work (respond to my emails – I have my own business)while waiting for him.

3. I told him I love him 1.5mos ago.Told him that he can run away or stay. He said “thank you for telling me”.I left it at that. A few days later, I asked him.I asked IF HE LOVE ME JUST A TINY BIT.He said no–he said that I should be scared once he said the 3 words.I asked “Am I hard to love?”he said no. He said that I am a very nice person&that he care a lot about me.

4. I feel like he will never come around&love me back.I've decided to let him go before I get so invested emotionally.When I told him that that I think that he will never love me back& that I'm not the girl he is looking for–He said “that's not true at all” I didn't ask any further.No fights.He was teary eyed tho.

I asked him 2 wks ago if he ever thot of asking me back.He said he did but he feels like he doesn't deserve me.We went out for another wk.I love being with him but I also know that in order for me to move on,that I shld cut any contact with him.Told him that I want to move on&that I want to start dating.He asked me if I have somebody in mind,I said no.He said,“U dn't have to ask me,u can date&I hope that you find the man who can give you the things that I cannot give u”I didn't say anything bec I was hurt.He asked me if he can still contact me&I said I dunno.Then he said, I'm always here if you need me.I left. I was so hurt bec his words made me feel like I am really a NOBODY to him.
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He lived on his own since he was 15 - Went to boarding school in high school&col. His fam lives in Taiwan.3 mos ago,I asked him if he like me.He said yes.When I asked him to say the exact words.He got quiet for a few sec,I said I'm hanging up.He then said that he like me a lot. 2nd time we had a fight,I was kinda done but I asked him what he wants to do with are relationship.He said that he wants us to be together still IF its OK with me/ if I'm still happy with him.He said he is trying really hard.
Did he ever love me or want me back? What does his actions say? its been a week of no contact.He is 37,I'm 30
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