Should I feel offended and ask more or just leave it?

My boyfriend came to mine the other day and forgot to bring his f**s,so he went aday with out smoking,which I was proud of,so today I rang him and we spoke about things and I said to him,I'm proud of you not having some f**s the other day etc and he said don't be offended but I don't NEED a F** all the time,just sometimes when I'm BORED I have one =o well he goes outsides for f**s when we are out at pubs and when he is with me.I'm not a boring person and he has said loads to me that I'm not boring but now I'm paranoid that I'm boring him.

Do smokers do that or is he basically admiting that he is bored when he is with me?


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  • I smoke and I tell people its for when I'm bored because I don't know how else to explain it.. But just ask him if that's what he meant or not. Only way to find out is by asking Hun :)

    • I don't smoke so when he says he has one cos he is bored,i don't understand.I don't like asking cos sometimes it causes a argument =o he also tells me I don't bore him when I ask him,but now that he made that comment,i really don't know what to think.

    • Personally I would just sit him down and tell how that comment he made, made you feel and if it causes an argument talk it out until its sorted :) but as I say not everyone has a reason for smoking, some people just do it to keep their hands busy so maybe that's what he means by doing it 'when he's bored' :)