What to do when the guy you're dating doesn't ask you out for V-Day?

Okay, so I'm relatively new to being single and dating this guy who is by all accounts CRAZY about me for a couple of months. V-Day is in a week, he's not asking, and so I bring it up. His response is that it's over-crowded and over-hyped but that if I'm into it he'll do it if I want him to. If I want him to? Actually, I want him to want to. He's successful (no big deal to go to dinner) so it's not the $$ AND for me the most romantic thing would be to cook dinner at his place and have a relaxing night. But he won't even address it with me since the original brief talk. So, V-day is off the table and I feel like he doesn't care enough to do something special. Combined with some other in-sensitivities I'm ready to cut bait. But yet he SAYS he's Mr. Romantic. All talk. Any guys can add perspective here? After all, it is a chick's holiday and a guy who is REALLY interested should do more than that, no?

Update that he asked me out for a "really romantic night" next week but not V-Day. Really the crowds and hype or another girl?


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  • You can be romantic without celebrating Valentines day. Much of Valentines is over commercialized and society makes us believe if a guy doesn't take us out or cook for us and dote on us on one particular day in February then he must be a worthless loser.

    Of the other times you're together do you enjoy his company? Has he done sweet things for you? Don't focus so much on a single day. Step back and look at the whole picture. If you feel he treats you poorly as a whole then that would be reason to break things off... not because he doesn't get into Valentines day.


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  • You already know the answer -- you said so yourself: he's not "really" interested -- now you just have to believe it. If a guy is dating a girl but he doesn't ask her out on V-day, but makes an excuse like he's going to be too busy, then she is at best #2 on a list of other girls. If he doesn't even bring it up and completely avoids the topic, then at best she is #3. He may have been "CRAZY" about you for a "couple of months" but I'm guessing he's not that crazy anymore.

    • More than likely it's another girl (sorry). But if he's really just trying to avoid the crowds and the hype, then he shouldn't have a problem just hanging out with you on v-day, or at least talking to you on the phone. Ask him what he's doing on v-day.

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  • My boyfriend and I started dating At the end of one year, then Valentines day rolled around a few months later. I gave him chocolates but I got nothing. At the time he made a comment to me that once you start giving on Valentines Day then the guy is done for. Well he said something to that effect. Well. We dated all of that year and when Valentines came around again he gave me a chocolate rose and took me out to dinner. He made all the plans himself.

    You two are new in the relationship and maybe your guy is just like my guy was.

    Give your guy something for Valentines Day too. Maybe he just has to get his feet wet in the relationship.

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