Why don't people communicate with each other?

After being on GAG for nearly three years, I've become more familiar with the kinds of questions people ask.

Some ask general questions and some ask questions about dating/relationships in general.

Others ask about their specific situations. Every time I read a specific situation question, the first thought that always comes to mind (if not addressed in the question itself) is, "Why don't you just ask?" Or "Why don't you just tell them?" A lot of the time, people are asking others, even strangers, the questions they should be asking the person they're referring to. I realize that sometimes they don't get answers from their partners, so they turn to others to find some kind of understanding. But see, even in that scenario, SOMEONE isn't communicating.

I can't help but wonder if websites like GAG or advice columnists would even exist if people just TALKED to one another.

If you don't understand something someone says or does, why not just ask, "Hey, what's that about?"

If you're unsure of your relationship and/or the relationship terms, why not just ask, "Hey, I'd like to know where I stand?"

Sometimes, people ask what something means, and it can be something like "He kissed me, what does this mean?" I really think this, again, comes from the fact that people don't communicate what they feel for each other, so sometimes even a kiss is ambiguous. (Sometimes it's not and those are just DUH moments for someone who's a little ditsy, haha!)

Why do you think people are afraid to communicate?

Afraid to ask questions, afraid to tell people what they're feeling?

Sometimes, it isn't really fear but simple refusal. Why?

If people were better at effective communication, do you think GAG would exist?

The confusion all seems to come from people refusing to communicate with the one person they should. Why do you think this is?

What are your thoughts?

Why don't people communicate with each other?
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