Mixed signals... does she likes me or wants me to back off?

so there is these girl at work that I know for a year and we are friends and we start to flirt a few weeks back, all the good stuff giggles, smiles, eyes, and a lot of teasing back and forth. we are close so we talk a lot and I know there is these other guy she likes so after some time she started talking to me about these guy a lot like she tells me she likes him and stuff. so my question is:

i was pretty sure she liked me and was gonna ask her out but I took my time so is she pulling me away or making me jealous so I move forward?

she still flirts a lot whit me but also talks about these guy randomly I don't wanna make things awkward between us should I just stay friends or risk the friendship and tell her?
ps she might think that I'm dating someone else due to a misunderstanding( its complicated )but I'm not sure...


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  • I actually think she likes you.

    But she may think you don't like her. She may think she's in YOUR friend zone.

    From personal experience, just because I've told myself that a guy I like doesn't like me back and I go onto the next guy, it doesn't mean that I don't like my guy friend anymore. It just means that I'm trying to not like him anymore by getting a distraction (another guy). So, what I would say to you is to go on and ask her out without asking her out. Take her out somewhere like a movie or something and compliment her. Tell her she looks beautiful or something and be a completely gentleman. Try and brush against her and flirt. Let her see that she's not a friend to you.

    At the end of the night, you can kiss her on the cheek goodbye and be a little close to her lips when you do. You can ask her to do other stuff too, but make sure it's just you and her so she doesn't get confused with group activities.

    She's not in love or married to these other guys she likes. She probably likes them and likes you too. That's always a possibility. I think that everybody's kinda right on this one: she's moving on, but she's still trying to make you jealous too. Maybe this is her way of getting your attention by proving that she's datable to other men so she can look more appealing to you.

    If that rambled mess didn't make any sense, I'll try and simplify it: she still likes you, ask her out to the movies or something, flirt, flirt, flirt, and see how it ends up.


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  • well I'm going to say you probably took to long and she decided to move on because she didn't see you ever making a move to ask her out...the best you can do is show her how interested you are besides th whole eye flirting stuff...

  • Ask yourself this, would you regret it if someone else came along and swept her off her feet tomorrow, when you have a chance NOW to see if she's interested given you know she's unattached?

  • It's either, she really doesn't like you, and wants to give out the hint, without hurting your feelings, or since your taking it slow, she is probably so anxious get with you, that she is trying to make you jealous, or think that you are running out of time to get with her.

  • actually, unlike the other girl said, I think there's a possiblity that she's trying to make you jealous. if she's going to you, she may be trying to see what your reaction would be.

    you probably did wait too long before, but just start flirting with her again, and see what signals she sends you.

    • Hi wennndyx3 !

    • She still flirts a lot whit me but also talks about these guy randomly so I'm confused when a girl does these what does it mean??? she gives me a lot of sings that she likes me to but I culd always be imagining things

    • Okay. well in my personal opinion, it would mean that she still likes you a little, but at the same time, thinks that she's in the "friend zone" and is trying to find out if you want to make a move or not.

      If you really like her, you could just go for it even though it would risk your friendship. But its kinda a question of what you value more - your friendship, or a potential relationship.

      But hey, you'll never know what could happen unless you take a chance and just go for it. So talk to her

  • if a girl talks to YOU about a guy she likes I don't want to get your hopes down but she isn't trying to make you jealous.but since you guys are close there is a chance in the future

    • So basically I'm on the friendzone now?

    • Yeah

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  • I am sorry man, but you are late... You took so long that she lost hopes or she defines you as a friend. You had your chances...

    Maybe if you react well, you will have your chance. But I think you should not wait for her or for a "possibility" of love. Do not beg for love or don't be desperate in front of her.

    Just move on and live your life. Take your distance. If she's into you, she will show up for you...

    Good luck.

    • She still flirts a lot whit me but also talks about these guy randomly I don't wana make things awkward betwen us shud I just stay friends or risk the frindship and tell her?

    • So clear the "misunderstandings" between you. Talk to her. Take your shot. But be aware: When you tell her your love, things never be the same before. You will have one chance; don't blow it.