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Do actions really speak louder than words, when it comes to men? Or is it the other way around?

So me and my ex and baby father broke up about two months ago. I've come to the realization that if we are meant to be we will be and if not, then I can live my life without him.

No the reason why we broke up is because he cheated on with me with various women (deep down, I know that he has to change for himself and if he loves me then he will want to change for me).

Anyways, I feel he still has feelings for me that he is denying at the minute, because he is entertaining other women and not confronting our break-up. These women are his distractions! And in my opinion, they are feeding his ego, which I am not prepared to do and I have removed myself from the equation and not chasing after him, which I don't think he likes.

If he finds out that I am going out to meet friends...etc, he will question me on how long I will leave our child with family members before he picks our kid up (which is irrelevant imho) but he tries to get the information out of me by asking the same question in many ways.

Now I am currently pregnant with our second child and I think he knows the type of woman I am and that I would seek a relationship with anyone else whilst I am pregnant so I am in limbo, in regards to moving on completely. ( but I am not waiting around for him, when I have this baby I will get free time to get on with my dating life and work on me, completely).

I am determined to make my life better for myself and my children and to show him I don't need him to validate me as a human being.

I can openly admit that I do still care for him and love him, but each day that love and care becomes less and I know one day soon I will have none of these feelings for him at all.

I just hope that the day he comes running back (because I feel he will) I will be in a sensible place to say "no", I'll always have a soft spot for him because he is my kids father, but I hope that is it.

I am however confused by his behavior, because it doesn't match his words. I've seen plenty of people who have children who behavior in a manner towards each other that isn't pleasant, but me and my baby father don't seem to have that hostility towards each other and if people didn't know we were broken up, they assume we are a couple.

He constantly sits by me when we are in the same room together, even though other seats are available.

And today he decides that it was OK to tease and make jokes with me.

He claimed he was unhappy with me, yet we only split up because I found out about his cheating and I gave him the chance to leave before I found out his cheating was concrete as I suspected he was, but had no proof.

Now tell me why an unhappy man would agree to have another baby with the woman who made him unhappy?

He confuses me and I feel he is confused too...he's cried in private after our break-up because I caught him crying to himself and he's broke down and cried in front of a family after they asked why he did this.

Why cry if your free from an unhappy relationship?
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If he leave a voice mail for our child he goes out his way to say good night to me also, I rarely speak to him now unless it is children related, because I don't want him to think, I'm waiting for him. If he wants me he know my number and where I live and he can put himself out their if he wants us to work as a couple and a family.

He has also blocked me on whatsapp, but I've found out he sometimes unblocks me to check up on me. Why do this if he's moved on?
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I just want to know if you guys think he still has feelings for me or am I over analyzing things?

Should I just lose all hope of us getting back together, I feel that we could over come the cheating and some of the issues we had in our relationship through counseling, because we had a good relationship for the most part. And I feel love and patience can conquer all.

What are your opinions please?
Do actions really speak louder than words, when it comes to men? Or is it the other way around?
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