Did I make the wrong decision in breaking up with my boyfriend?

He's said some personally awful things to me over the past month, so today I called it quits.

The biggest one is when we were arguing ON VACATION, he kept naming things I was doing wrong in our relationship. I couldn't help thinking 'then why is he with me?' because he never compliments me either, it's only about bad things. So I said to him that I don't seem to make him very happy, maybe he'll find a girl who will make him happier. He said "I can if I want."

On this same vacation earlier, I was trying to sleep while he was on his iPad playing games. When I asked him if he could put earphones in, he said "I'm thinking about going out soon anyway." Going to a club... without me... on our romantic vacation away?

When I was crying when we were fighting he said that he thinks that "there's something wrong with me" because I get super sad crying when we argue and he doesn't even try to see my side, just gives these long speeches. He's never met anyone like me.

I believe that he's looking for a perfect patient angel and I said this to him. He says everyone makes mistakes and is human, but then how come every time I do it's so majorly awful?

He also caused a scene in the street when I wouldn't go for a drink in a bar with him because I was tired from our day at the beach and sight seeing.

There have been other random things, like us watching p*rn together and him constantly remarking how good in bed one of the girls are "she's a good f***er*", when I asked if he ever had a girl finish in his mouth, he said yes his ex and then did a motion of how she licked around her mouth like she enjoyed it. I said I didn't need that extra bit, but he said "you asked".

And we have been together 6 months! He never compliments me, never tells me I'm beautiful or really laughs at my jokes, doesn't pay for meals or movies anymore (I'm old fashioned, what can I say, especially since I brought him presents from my vacation away for no reason. he even acted entitled to them), I haven't met his brother who he's close to but he's met my mom, I haven't met any of his friends but he's met my two housemates and friends, he has no pictures of us on his fb like I do, we aren't even listed, he's highly active on it but never liked any of my photos but has of this one girl he dated in the past.

WHY does he do all of this to me if he truly cares about me? My mom believes he does form the way he looks at me, but says he just isn't the right guy for me. I'm so upset and confused and feel guilt. I have to pick up some things I left at his on Saturday and he wants to talk to me then. But I could never imagine saying some of the things he has because it's so hurtful. Yet another part of me remembers the good times and wishes it could be like that again.
Did I make the wrong decision in breaking up with my boyfriend?
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