Why am I always being ditched or insulted by guys?

ok, for a guy a girl like me should be a dream. I'm really beautiful, really kind nice sweet caring monogamous loyal compassionate down to earth etc. I'm not bossy I'm laid back just super cool. I meet men online or other ways, and men either ditch me right away or insult me, or some men in general get hostile with me like they are angry and want to take their anger out on me. I'm not stuck up or arrogant...im "extremely" nice and polite and cool. I have a great personality too...but men just want to put me down or insult me. I don't see how I'm intimidating...im 5 5 115 lbs dark hair...petite isn't intimidating and I don't dress up or wear make up. So I've met guys to go on dates with them and I'm ditched during a movie by one stupid guy, and one guy ditches me before the movie then insults me for no reason. Honestly...these guys should be thrilled to meet me online on CL as there are mostly gold diggers, fat ugly women crazy women or hookers online, but they meet me-- pretty nice normal girl and insult harass or put me down.

Today I was at a car dealership and the sales person asked me my age and couldn't believe I was in my 30's. he said I looked 18. then he said he was shocked men didn't ask me out...he said "they just let you go by"? what? I'm thinking...men are hostile towards me? I don't get why men would be hostile towards a beautiful nice female? I know a lot of men I've read do not like attractive women and an attractive woman in fact makes them angry...b/c of previous relationships or something else (I forgot this until now)... honestly men will kiss up to crazy women, psycho women evil women and put ME down? one guy I knew was married to a drug addict for 8 years..you can imagine what he went through but treated me like crap for no reason...one day and was a jerk to me. he even said "I can't believe you're hanging out with me or I'm surprised I got someone like you..LUCKYY MEE"..but then he wouldn't even give me a massage and was being rude to me. I've been told by people I am the most beautiful woman they've ever seen and I did try for playboy but they responded the next day with "youre really beautiful but there's a lot of competition out there" when I was trying to be a model. in fact, people thought I was going to be famous because I was such an amazing model...even some celebrity model was stalking me online or trying to hook up with me...why would all these weirdos from the internet meet me, nice sweet girl down to earth then just reject me and treat me like dirt for NO reason? no I'm not stuck up conceited I'm FRIENDLY and NICE..these guys are stuck up conceited and weird and insult me..what is going on here?

it gets tiring and difficult...Im always being insulted put down harassed rejected by men some who are even "crazy about me"...like they are looking at me like OMG?! or flabberghasted by me...but men will date and go out with ugly women who are rude bossy mean crazy psycho with 100 flaws who are horrible people cheaters liars...then meet me...like a dream girl and treat me like sh*t...why do they enjoy abusing me when I'm a nice and good person? are they jealous of me?
also if you are going to comment with ignorant and outrageously STUPID comments like teamguy, don't even bother. I'm looking for an intelligent answer as to why men would reject insult and mistreat a beautiful nice female, while putting up with arrogance evil abuse cheating and mean women. Why are men cruel to nice women while kissing mean women's a**es...this seems to be a huge problem, and I represent beauty/kindness and why wouldn't men embrace this and why would they abuse it.


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  • okay well for starters and don't take this the wrong way but you seem very full of yourself. Its great to have confidence and yes that's attractive to us guys but there is a line and once passed many guys are turned off and just see a douchey sort of princess type girl and don't want anything to do with it. As for the insults, I'm sorry you've had to deal with such immature "men" but you could be possibly overlooking things that you may have said to set them off. It could be something that you don't see as a big deal but maybe they are sensitive about? I'm not sure. When on a first date do not talk about your modelling or how nice or great you are or how great of a catch you are, sure that may be true but you have to let those guys find that out for themselves THATS THE POINT OF DATING! Another possibility is that you could have a problem reading social cues, I have a friend who is the same way and he's going through some therapy to help work it out. Its not an abnormal thing to have and maybe you should get that checked out if you think that's a possibility.

    To be able to get a better idea of what's going on here Id have to know you or know specifics on how your actual dates went :/ there could be 1000 things going wrong but its hard for me to tell.

    could you possibly give me some dialogue from like 10 min before they ditched?

    • you put a question on the internet asking for people opinions... I gave you things that It could possibly be, I'm not going to spoon feed you BS and tell you "every one of those guys is stupid and doesn't know what theyre missing out on, you're clearly perfect since every guy is falling all over you and not ditching you on dates...". Maybe its your aggression and failure to take open advice that YOU ASKED FOR. I wasn't out to attack you... I was simply giving you possibilities

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    • I agree with TeamNiceGuy, If you want help then don't start insulting people. He was clearly just giving possible ideas out there, not attacking you so chill. For someone who describes themself as "kind" "sweet" "caring" and "down to earth" you are not representing yourself to well here by freaking out on what seems to be someone who actually cares to help you out :S

    • I agree with Mr. nice guy here, accept the help, there is obviously a reason to why people reject you, if you are THAT perfect...

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  • I don't agree with the one guy's comment " maybe your full of yourself."

    I have dealt with the same problem only with females and here is what I found: They are just scared or intimidated by you. They soon realize their weak "game" they try to play on you doesn't work very well. Insulting you is their way of flirting with you, most guys don't know how to do it properly. You're teasing her not trying to insult her, which is a very big difference.

    However, I do think you might be attracting loser's and need to find another place to find a guy.


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  • Okay, okay.

    I have a few theories,

    1- I don't see why you're surprised that men online are crazy.

    2- Stop going online for dates.

    3- Maybe you should go out with the car dealer dude, he likes you. Why don't you try him for a change.

    4 - If you're that good looking and awesome, you would've dated some idiot by now. Men love bimbos.

    5- There's a slight possibility you're a troll, I mean I don't remember the last time I heard someone brag about themselves as much as you did.

    6- Don't worry, be happy.

    • Hahaha #1so true

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    • Really? My personal fave is number 3. Why doesn't she go for the nice guy?

    • I dunno, I'd be too scared to go out with someone who I met online. There's always this slight possibility that he's a rapist.

  • I would LOVE to see a picture of this "amazingly beautiful" woman you are.. that might help

  • Demand respect girl

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