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Does he like me? I am so confused

Ok, so I have known this guy for almost a year and lets say his name is hunter...

So I think he is interested in me but I am not sure because he dose not make a move..

he opens the door for me all the time.

but he doesn't really talk to me. He always ask my mom about me, or questions her on why he hasn't seen me.

Like one time he asked her why he didn't see me around school and then he asked her why I hadn't been going to church (my grandpa had a stroke and I was helping him)

We have mutual friends.. Our mutual friend recently got married and he was a groomsmen (I had no clue) we were at the wedding rehearsal and my mom was like.. ''Um, Hunter can't keep his eyes off of you.. I think he likes you.'' I didn't know how to respond to that so I was like, ''ok.''

Than I was taking pictures and he walks up behind me and just puts his head almost on my shoulder and is staring at the pictures..

Every time he sees me he gets this huge grin on his face (its not like a teethy grin but a almost genuine make your eyes sparkle grin) and then he blushes when our eyes meet. for example the other day at church he walked in and was talking to a group of girls that are sorta my friends (I suppose more like acquaintances) he was chattering with them but when I stood up from my table that I was sitting at and said bye to the girl I was talking to, he stopped talking to the group and turned towards me and sorta waved I looked into his eyes and he got the biggest smile on his face. The whole time I was walking towards him he kept smiling and staring into my eyes. Of course I returned his smile and hugged/greeted him and then he sorta blushed and then walked away.. I was puzzled.. I'm not sure if he likes me or not..

sorry for the long story... But dose he like me?
Does he like me? I am so confused
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