So does he like me or is he just flirting to flirt?

Okay sorry this is going to be kind of long. Well back in September, homecoming week, his girlfriend broke up with him and so he and I like kinda talked and joked around and stuff and then they got back together. But ever since then he's been flirting with me. It has escalated since then and we actually have things to talk about. Okay so in P.E I accidentally grabbed hisd***during flag football when grabbing the flag and (he has a girlfriend from now on) and he just winks and says I know you want it. And so I'm just going to skip to this month. Well this guy Logan likes to punch me and stuff and we wrestle around and hit each other and it's funny ha ha and now Race (the guy I'm asking about) has been punching me around and stuff, not as intense as Logan, but he still like does 2 for flinching with me A LOT, more than anyone else that I've seen. And he like hid behind the door when I was coming out of the locker room and jumped on my scaring me half to death and will like step on my heels and stuff. He doesn't wink at me as much as he used to but he did a couple of times and says that he would bang me and stuff and asks like how do I like it and things like that. And were both on the same page on how it's suppose to be done, like sex. And so lately he has been talking to me a lot like we have 6 classes together and he will talk to me, vs last month. My friend says she thinks he likes me just because he smiles at me a lot and flirts with me in forensics, and he does he looks over at me and like messes with me by telling me "I'm holding everyone up" Which is what I love to say because our teacher says it out of the blue for no reason. And we also sit by each other in all our classes, and he plays with my hair sometimes and yesterday I wore white jeans and my hair is dark and he reached over taking the hair that were on my thighs off. And so sometimes we snap chat and stuff and lately he actually says goodbye and he'll see me tomorrow unlike all the other times. And then yesterday I asked for his help on how to do this English assignment and like he kept stumbling over his words and messing it up when he was trying to explain and he like never does that, but he does that sometimes with me. And so he wanted to feel my arms because I'm growing my arm hair back and in advisory he sits with me and grabs my stuff and like we talk and fool around. It's only during school though because of the fact he has a girlfriend which is weird that he's doing all this, saying he would bang me and stuff. What are your guy's opinions?

Sorry that it's long just tell me what you think please? And all the guys he talks to have been nicer to me, talking more to me and stuff ever since we've been flirting you know.


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  • It seems like he likes to flirt with you alot. I think he does seem to care and may like you more then a friend because the way he acts around you and the things he says etc.I think he lieks the attention that you give him.And I think maybe he girlfriend doesn't show him enough attention or maybe things is nto going good between them.Just because somebody has a boyfirend or a girlfriend doesn't mean that their happy in their relationship.He does seem to like talking and really flirting with you. Can thigns change?Maybe.Maybe he might break up with his girlfriend. You never know what can happen.


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