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Ask out someone who is grieving a loss?

Ok, I don't do short stories but here we go.

There is this girl from my last job named Tina I really like. For various reasons it was never a good time to ask her out. One or both of us was in a relationship, or for a while she was a supervisor over me before I became one too (I started there after her). I left the company in fall 2012. At the time she was engaged. A month or so later, he broke it off. We had lunch around Christmas 2012. She was still dealing with the breakup, but understood his reasons. He had addiction problems etc... A few weeks later he killed himself. This understandably devastated Tina, but she managed to keep going quite well. We've had lunch or dinner about three or four times in the past year. A couple times after that, and then again in early December, after my girlfriend broke up with me after six months. We also chat and joke about on Facebook often.

Now Tina and I said we should do something again after New Year's, but I feel torn. I would LOVE to ask her out. I've wanted to for four years. Four years! I figure at some lunch I could ask her on a real date. But today is the anniversary of the death. She changed her profile picture back to the two of them etc... I totally understand that. I don't expect her to get over something that traumatic perhaps ever. But would this be OK to say?:

'Tina, you may or may not know this, but I've liked you for a long time. For various reasons it never really seemed the right time to ask you out on a date. One or both us was seeing somebody else, or it would have been complicated while working together. But if you're ever interested I would love to take you out sometime. Now I know you're still dealing with a loss, so even if you say Yes, I know that might not be right away."

That's all I've got. How would you end that? Anything to change?
Ask out someone who is grieving a loss?
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