Why are crazy, sexist, homophobic men attracted to me? how to avoid in future?

I am a feminist, humanist, hippy. I've been in a relationship for the past 3 years, and it seems like no matter what I do, crazy, sexist, homophobic men attract to me like flies.

I've a very active and outgoing person. I don't mind chatting and getting to know people. People must sense my energy, because I never go a day without having a pleasant interaction with a stranger.Since I'm a hippy I don't mind giving out my number or Facebook. But I always let guys and gals know that I have a beau and no intentions of leaving him, as to not confuse my intentions with anyone. This isn't a problem for anyone except the crazy sexist guys. They always go on a speech or rant about how they just want to be friends, and how I'm a great conversationalist and they just want to get to know me better.

These guys are always the same. They TRY to buy me inappropriate gifts or ask me to go on expensive trips with them all while knowing I have a boyfriend. They don't respect my boundaries or my relationship at ALL. When I tell them to knock it off, they get crazy and start explosive rants about how all women are whores who like to be treated like crap, and that my boyfriend is crap and they're a great guy who will treat me better. When I cut them off they apologize and beg to be friends again, but then do the same thing over and over.

Most recent example is that my new guy friend for what ever reason, said that he didn't believe in gay marriage and that he was tired of the "gay agenda". I told him he couldn't be in my life because I have gay friends and family. He then went on about some sexist dribble about how I was being overly emotional, like all women are. Then went on an explosive rant about how he was allowed to his opinion and I HAVE to respect him and that I shouldn't stop being his friend. Then he went on verbally violent rampage on me saying that I led him on, and all women want is money. (mind you I never took anything from this guy). It was just a completely crazy experience.

They all have the same characteristics too. They're homophobic, sexist, and usually racist. Always emotionally unstable and obsessive. It takes them for ever to leave me alone as well no matter how much I ignore/block them. I've met about 5 guys like this in the past 2 years.

Is there a reason they want to get involved with me? I'm open and honest about my beliefs, and I only swoon about my boyfriend. I have many gay and transexual friends and am a STRONG LBGT rights advocate. Why in the hell would they want to be around someone like me? And are there any signs I can witness before hand to avoid men like this?

Why are crazy, sexist, homophobic men attracted to me? how to avoid in future?
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