Texts I can send him to make him melt?

its a very complicated situation, but we're basically boyfriend and girlfriend. tonight about 30 minutes ago I sent him a text that said "good night... dream of me" what will he think of that? so he liked when I sent him one that said "I'm thinking of you" and tonight I also asked "r you thinking about me?" he said "i was" and thought it was really sweet. I like to send him stuff like that because then he knows how much I care about him, I also sometimes get these from him, so what kinds of things can I do to get a conversation going, and to make him speechless?

i want suggestions... not reassurance... or telling me not to just text him, he lives far from me and we don't see each other much, so we text.


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  • If you really want to make him melt, say it face-to-face.

    Texting is a terrible habit. He won't see your facial expression, he won't hear your tone of voice. And those are just as powerful as the words you say.

    • I offered this advice because I don't know him. I don't know what'll make him melt. There's no magic formula.

      All the things that girls have said to me that made me melt were spoken face to face, and were spontaneous and from the heart.

    • What kinds of things did they say.... that's the question

    • Once, a girl asked "where have you been all my life?"

      But what made me melt was that it was spontaneous.

      After our first date (*excellent* date), I found a way that she could hear a rare CD she'd been hunting for years -- and hear it free of charge. So I mentioned the website to her, and she said, "You found that! Wow! You're amazing! Where have you been all my life?" She was surprised and it just gushed out of her.

      It wouldn't have been as powerful in a text.

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  • you're doing great! just remember guys LOVE knowing that you think about them! it's great on their ego.

    • I know, I love to stroke his ego, its so funny because he's not really talkative and outgoing, but when I stroke that ego he can't shut up. I'm giggling thinking about it

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    • I'm gonna do it, I just texted him and asked how his day was going, after the conversation gets going a little bit I'm gonna say it.... I'll tell you how he reacted.

    • Thanks! let me know.