Could this girl be into me? Have I lost my chance?

So, I was out with three guy friends and two girls, from which I know only one - she cuts my hair. She had brought along a very hot friend of hers. From the beginning of our interaction, things seemed to go really well. Actually, we had the chance to laugh because before I arrived, my buddies had advised her to play a prank on me, so when I introduced myself, she said 'Condolences' (it's part of an inside joke) and it was a great ice breaker. Anyway, throughout the outing, I made her laugh several times, I'm sure about it. I could catch a few looks but maybe it was my idea.

But this isn't the meaty part. When we started walking to get the bus all together, she was next to me and every time she laughed, she would fall on my arm. We all started talking about sex and she asked about my opinion a couple of times. The bomb was when I started teasing her about how I was studying sexology, and she turns around with this look I've seen before, asking 'how are you doing in the practical part of it?'. I got so off balance, that I answered 'I'm doing well!' (at least I squeezed some playfulness in there!).

Now...I know these are all signs of attraction, but I got some warnings from my friends later on. First of all, they told me she is generally extremely friendly and open. Secondly, they told me off about my lukewarm response. And last but not least, one friend told me that she could be a really open girl that would require me to make a move on the first encounter - which I didn't - so I might have already lost my chance. I am a bit shy indeed and I only recently started getting social skills, so I also didn't really hit on her as much.

What do you think? Could I have already lost my chance?
Could this girl be into me? Have I lost my chance?
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