Hooters Is a Family Friendly Restaurant (Said No One Ever)

Hooters Is a Family Friendly Restaurant (Said No One Ever)

About four days ago, Hooters, which describes itself as a place where "you'll find craveable food and wings, cold beer, sports, and of course, Hooters Girls," and actually describes itself as "family friendly," redesigned it's current uniform for it's waitresses and bar staff. The original included a tight fit Hooters brand top, tights, make-up, and short tight orange shorts.

The company, whose chain restaurants are 100% female staffed, issued 3 pairs of the new shorts which can best be described as thong shorts, to each of it's waitress staff and told them, they were no longer allowed to wear the former shorts to work and furthermore, if they didn't like it, they could find employment elsewhere.

Hooters Is a Family Friendly Restaurant (Said No One Ever)

This was NOT met with rounds of applause by a lot of it's all female staff because the shorts which were already short before, were now literally showing a lot of the ladies rear. Many of the employees immediately took to social media to complain sighting that this was not the uniform that they were hired to wear and that it would leave them open to (even more) harassment on the job. Some non-employees even wondered if it was a health code violation.

Four days later, the company "magically decided" that maybe it wasn't the best idea to force it's all female staff to suddenly show up to work in a thong, and reversed the mandatory shorts policy in the most ridiculous PR statement ever, trying to turn it around and make it about body positivity and female empowerment!!!!

Hooters Is a Family Friendly Restaurant (Said No One Ever)

“As we continue to listen and update the image of the Hooters Girls, we are clarifying that they have the option to choose from traditional uniforms or the new ones...they can determine which style of shorts best fits their body style and personal image...we’re excited to see a national trend toward self-expression and inclusivity that bodes well for our marketplace.”

Except Hooters has NEVER been about inclusivity. They have had several lawsuits lodged against them by staff or those wanting to work there who have sued over the weight, hair, and make-up requirements, over racial discrimination, and over gender discrimination.

I can already hear the comments...well it is a place called "Hooters," and "these ladies should or did know what they signed up for," but actually they didn't. They did, to clarify, sign up to wear the old uniform, and I'll ask you to imagine if your boss suddenly told you, instead of the usual suit pants, or skirt you've been wearing, tomorrow, you can only wear something that has your butt out. You going to be happy about that?

So basically to avoid future lawsuits, protests, and bad press, Hooters has skirted the issue by giving it's female staff an option to wear the thong shorts. Thoughts?

Hooters Is a Family Friendly Restaurant (Said No One Ever)
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  • MCheetah
    I kinda agree with the point about not being forced to wear the new uniforms, but at the same time, there's almost no difference in the new ones from the old ones, anyway. Not to mention, all this whining about "having to wear a uniform" and not one mention of men, or how men wouldn't even get an option or say-so in the matter. This is ONLY a problem first world (likely white) women could whine about. Probably transwomen, as well, right now.

    I hate to be the asshole in the room here, but ALL of these workers are replaceable. Not only replaceable, but easily replaceable by female illegal immigrants Biden is letting skip across the Mexican border, right now. You either do the f*cking job, or you look for another job. The company pays you to work there, you don't make demands to the company about the dress code, especially considering the uniforms are almost the same thing as the old ones. Now, if they actually HAD to be wearing their underwear, or had to expose cleavage, then that might be over the line.

    The irony will probably be in that many of these women against the dress code will be pro-mandatory vaccines, which is a bigger, actual important issue. I guarantee you this will be made into a "feminist" issue, meaning those supporting it are liberal, meaning they would likely have support vaccine mandates, but not a minor change in a uniform that's already not "work appropriate" for any place other than Hooters. Not to bring politics into this, but it's worth noting.

    But as I said, only a super-entitled, first world (white) woman could have the gall to complain about this. ANYONE else on the planet, and their ass would be fired so fast, it'd make your head spin. I hate that I have to side with corporations here, but they do not owe you jack f*cking sh*t. Do the job or find a new one. That is real life.

    And no, I don't side with Hooters, or their uniforms, or corporations. But as I said, they don't owe you a damn thing, and you are easily replaceable, especially in the time of COVID. And people are losing their jobs for not putting a potentially fatal vaccine in their bodies, bu THIS is a "big issue" that riles some women into a tizzy? Grow up.

    (And GAG recommended this question to me five damn days late; I'm just now seeing it.)
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    • The more they show the bigger their tips will be.

  • Vetera
    If you decide to work at hooters and expect men not to "harass" you, you have to be really stupid. I'm sorry but a bunch of rowdy drunk men come to hooters and what do you expect them to do? Sit there and look at the waitresses face as they order the chicken wings? No their gonna look at their boobs and ass its common sense this is what you singed up for at a place called HOOTERS and where the main attraction is HOOTERS.
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  • Screenwriter
    It's a fact that Hooters has never been a bastion of female empowerment or non-sexist uniforms. It touts skimpy outfits and always has, since it opened in 1983. It began as a "sports" bar for men with young waitresses they could ogle and overtip as they got increasingly drunk.

    If Hooters wants to become another Dennys, then it should hire waiters and waitresses of all sizes and shapes and ages, and allow them to dress in long slacks and roomy tops, as well as skirts. No one should be wearing "booty or thong" shorts or low-cut tops.

    It's disingenuous for this company to even try to mention otherwise. Men, women, older workers should ALL be suing Hooters over their "uniform." THough I wouldn't mind seeing a hot young stud in those booty shorts!! ahahhahahahaah
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    • OH, and their HIRING PRACTICES.

    • Would you think it's sexist if men in skimpy outfits would be there too.

  • MsTaniaUncensored
    Honestly, the ladies at Hooters aren't wearing anything all that scandalous compared to some attire I have witnessed. Maybe Hooters is not a family restaurant by design but I do believe one of our major issues as a society is making the human body a taboo thing. If we were less modest as a whole I do believe many issues with body image and how we react to the sight of skin would change. As it goes for men I believe it would help them if they grew up where the sight of the female body is not seen as something to immediately sexualize and objectify.
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  • godfatherfan
    Sorry, but no woman went into Hooters thinking it was a "family friendly" place to work. They knew exactly what it was. While I have never been in one myself, I obviously know what it is about. So did the women. Nobody is forcing them to work there, they are free to go elsewhere. I don't go to that place for the same reason I have never been to a strip club. I understand the appeal, but I don't want to pay crazy prices for food and beer just to look at something I can't touch.
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  • errorgoodnameunfound
    Wait, so people actually still go to Hooters? I thought it kinda... well... seems to me it's like the Stein Mart, Kohl's or Bed Bath and Beyond of the wanna be strip club world apparently known as "breastaurants." (not kidding, as many strip clubs have similar bar/restaurant service anyways at similar prices and quality). All guys know whatever they want with that kinda thing is available and much more customizable, not to mention cheaper online. Majority of guys also know if they want boobs n' butts , they may as well just go to an actual strip club, get a tinder date, hire a gal to do serve food while naked, (bet 5$+ there's an app for it/similar) etc. I can't think of anyone younger than 60 that'd actually consider Hooter's as a decent option vs the others. Anyone younger who'd actually consider likely has too much money and time on their hands, but then again, those people still would likely go for more quality.

    ALL that considered, my point is Hooter's is desperate and it's showing. Nobody gives a hoot about Hooters (lulz that irony was on purpose). It's old. It's outdated. It's a pointless establishment for 2021 ran by people who have no idea wtf they are doing. I can imagine the whole debacle started with some board meeting between 50 year old perverted suits whose leader asked everyone why profits were plummeting even before the pandemic and solutions. With a bunch of "UH" "dur, I don't know" and "uuuuuh", finally one spoke and said "well, perhaps the uniform is the issue. Hell, Im a butts guy. If we show 2% more skin, specially the butt, obviously, our profits will skyrocket 1000%!" This is followed by claps, cheers, champaign, etc., perhaps an eyeroll or two from a nearby secretary.
    And so, while other brestaurants and even some stip clubs put a focus into making their own food delivery service or making sure the food has SOME decency, Hooter's is the dumbass 40+ year old "how do you do fellow cool kids" with the 2% more showing of the butt, that of course, failed miserably as deserved.
    Now, I am not exactly a fan of breastaurants, but as somebody that has a decent idea of how marketing and PR works, I promise you the average guy on the street likely has better ideas they could of done vs what they did. Hooter's like BB&Beyond, Stein Mart, etc. are old lazy fucks. They are hanging on by a thread to an older audience they are more familiar with, knowing they only have a few years with them left to squeeze what little profit they can before they either wake up to 2021 or collapse completely and cry to daddy government for help.
    Only thing we can do is what many do anyways. Don't go there and feel free to bash the brand on social media so they have to waste their time (meaning money) trying to scramble and put a band aid on their foot long wound.
  • MisteryMe
    Hooters claiming to be a family-friendly restaurant is both hilarious. The things people will say for the sake of PR, right?

    Sometimes employers change what they require from employees. it happens all the time. I don't see the new uniforms as unreasonable. They're no more revealing that a 1-piece bathing suit, and I'm willing to bet that most of the women that work for Hooters have been out in public in a much more revealing 2-piece plenty of times. I understand that's their choice rather than a mandate, but I'm just pointing out that the new uniform isn't actually inappropriate. For that matter, showgirls in the 50's in Vegas and on Broadway were dressing skimpier than that.

    Hooters is one of those businesses that is outside the norm because of its business model. They're allow to discriminate based on age, gender, and physical appearance just like strip clubs, pornography, and the like. Obviously, they have to or their gimmick wouldn't work.

    Half their marketing strategy is built around sexualizing women. From a purely emotional standpoint, I can sympathize with the discomfort some may feel over the lower part of the new uniform. However, they knew what it was about before they took the job. If a woman doesn't want to be sexualized, she shouldn't be working at Hooters.
  • LinaDaGoddess
    It’s weird that they’re trying to say they’ll be harassed… Working at HOOTERS what did you expect? The entire vibe is to be sexualized… that’s why they show so much skin… that’s like a stripper complaining about sexual harassment.. lmaooo you chose that when you decided to work at that place.
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    • No. They chose to wear skimpy clothing. They did not agree to have men grab their ass or say horrible things to them (I've read these stories from old waitresses who worked at Hooters). I personally find the clothing really tacky and demeaning. I'll be the first to admit that I judge the women who work there, but that doesn't give a green light to be harassed. It's the same logic as blaming a women for how she is dressed when she is raped.

    • @lucyxmidnight only perverts eat at hooters not gentlemen so thats why harrassment is common there

    • I understand that.. But the point is, hooters has that history… you can't apply at a job and KNOWINGLY acknowledge that there’s been rumors of harassment only to play victim later…. That’s like going into a dangerous area of Detroit and crying about being mugged…yes you are a victim of a crime, but if YOU KNEW you can’t call yourself a victim.. you chose to gamble with that…

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  • purplepoppy
    Isn't it illegal to advertise a job as only suitable for one sex without a valid reason? I'm not sure serving beer counts.
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    • Bluemax

      Hooters got around that by designating their servers as entertainers.

    • Anonymous

      Hooters both lost and won their case for only hiring female servers by paying out a settlement to those that had been discriminated against by their gender and by agreeing to hire some men as "support staff," ONLY. The restaurant said its hiring practice conformed with the Civil Rights Act because the chain is "in the business of providing vicarious sexual recreation and female sexuality is a bonafide occupational qualification." They even put out ads mocking Washington by having men dress up in the uniform to imply that it was not sexy at all and Washington should stay out of their business.

  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Actually, it is. I briefly worked at a Hooters restaurant long ago. There were kids there and they loved the food. As long as nobody gives anybody malicious ideas, it can be a "family friendly" environment.
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  • snowgirl123
    I don't think this restaurant if for a family ever. I would never allow my boy to go to this place, and even though I'm not a lesbian I would not go with my friends not to disrespect him.

    I think that if girls are there and they are making them wear something they don't like, and they had another uniform, if this one makes them feel disrespected, they should change the uniform or compensate the girls very well and let them go with dignity
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  • humpbackjack
    Yeah I think it would be way hot for them to wear the ass out shorts but they shouldn’t just demand something like that and I think they back pedaled offaly hard. It makes whoever in upper management that makes these calls look like a clown. I mean come on like these women were going to just accept this because of course I’d think it’s hot I’m a man but I know how some guys act especially drinking and trying to show off for their buddies. They think well if these women didn’t want this type of attention they wouldn’t dress this way. So you’re gonna make them dress even more provocative yeah hooters higher ups have always been assholes my wife years ago was pregnant and wanted a hooters shirt and they told her at the restaurant that they don’t make them in bigger sizes my wife even got ahold of someone at there offices and they told her they have an image to keep up and basically didn’t want bigger women wearing the shirts like the waitresses. My wife was pregnant not over weight and what kind of asshole company has the balls to say some shit like that
  • doopayo
    I think hooters is fine, I’ve been there before with family. It’s just the creepy male ceo, the hooters girls are put up to strict standards. They can’t wear certain makeup, can’t do there makeup a certain way, can’t be a certain weight, heaven forbid you gain weight you risk getting fired, you have to always have perfectly manicured nails, etc etc
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    • It's not just a creepy ceo, this is a byproduct of the creeps who this business is designed to cater to.

    • doopayo

      Bruh, who do you think made the business model?

      Who do you think made the extreme rules to work at hooters

  • Fireguy17
    I think I was only in there once.
    The food was mediocre at best.
    The girls were not all that great that would of made me want to come back.
    And it wasn't like you would of ever hooked up with one of them, kind of like being in a bad strip club where they don't take anything off.
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  • Ailito
    I went on e cause I was hangry and it was close by. I fkn hated it. They threw their boobs and bodies in my face and my dad's face. My dad's old, they could have given him a heart attack.

    Also I don't wanna be eating with your nasty ass chest fat near my face.

    I obviously was uncomfortable with them and all it did was bring more to the table. I was pissed.
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  • Celtero
    God, does this "issue" deserve my attention?

    They work at a restaurant whose niche is having skimpily-dressed waitresses, and they're upset for a change in shorts? I doubt it makes a difference, and if it's that big of a deal there are similar places to work at so just quit. Women already wear cloths in which their ass and tits are falling out so I'm confused why they care.
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  • debbiedenise
    I worked at Hooters years ago. I was always aware if there was a group of guys sitting together or if there was a family together. I treated one group a lot different than the others. That is part of being a waitress. You have to know your customers/clients. It is certainly not a strip club, but can be a place for single guys to have a good time, or it can be a place for a family to have a meal. Just my opinion having worked there.
  • NetSapien
    I'm all for the employees being empowered to make decisions they feel is best for themselves. As long as they're not enslaved by their employers and have the option to work there or find another job or career, I don't see the wrong in this.

    I will still go to Hooters and tip them appropriately for their service and hard work, and they do indeed work their asses off.
  • Curmudgeon
    If you liked Hooters, you will love "Twin Peaks", a rising competitor. One has to love the "skimpy lumberjack" uniform:

  • DJB72
    That radical a change in uniform, accompanied by the phrase "they can find employment elsewhere" is textbook Constructive Dismissal - the creation of an environment where the employee is being treated so badly that they resign having done nothing to warrant dismissal according to the original contract of employment they entered into when starting work.

    There are many legal precedent cases on file with extremely large compensation awards made.
    • Anonymous

      I think that dismissal would work well if there were only a few outliers in the company or at Hooters in small towns where jobs are scarce, but you're talking about an all female staff across the country who are essentially being forced to wear this vs male company heads who have made it quite clear, they are objectifying women without legally saying that. I definitely think had this gone further, the staff would have had a case UNLESS there is some fine fine print somewhere that they've signed on contract where they agree to where whatever.

    • DJB72

      It's blatant sexual harassment in the workplace. I'm not sure how the company gets away with it

  • Manchild2018
    Fuck Hooters. You might as well go to the strip club with the buffet and pay bitches to make you sexually frustrated if you are gonna go to Hooters to eat. I mean if you got to fuck a bitch with your meal it would actually make sense but these whores trying to act like they like you to get a big tip is so played out and worthless since you are just gonna leave there with nothing.
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  • FunkyMonkee
    What's wrong with it? It's not like the girls run around naked and their tits and pussy in your face. Except for their belly, arms and head, and maybe some cleavage, they're completely covered! There's a place near here called, Studebaker's where the girls wear short mini skirts and walk around ON the bar and tables so you CAN look up their skirts! I've never been there so, I have no idea if they also wear tights and/or panties.
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  • kqueen
    I don't know why they thought they could get away with having their staff wear underwear. If they wanna be a strip joint, they can be a strip joint but as long as they wanna be a restaurant they can't ask their staff to walk around in underwear.
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  • molonski2
    I've only been around 4 times when I was in the States , Id never go here ( Thailand , it is here now ) , for me , I found it a pretty sad place quite frankly , none of the girls seemed to enjoy the job , and some were just really sour..
    The food? hmm well , low level rubbish mostly. So I never really felt comfortable , our USA host wanted to take us , so fair enough. I think it could be a much more friendly atmosphere , and Im also certain it differs restaurant to restaurant.
    We were in North Carolina , I think these thong shorts is really just taking it too far , and if the girls are not into it , its no fun anyhow. I dont know enough about the chain to know why they did this , and man here in Thailand.. Why would you possibly want to go there? Its 4 x the price , for crap , dont understand.
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    • Anonymous

      I think it's quite obvious why they created those shorts for their female staff. This company argued in court that if they hired men, they would not cater to their clientele or create the sexy atmosphere it's female staff create. A lot of people have said the food is crappy so I'm not sure people go there for the great wings.

    • molonski2

      You are correct , no wonder the staff seem so depressed..

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