How much champagne would make me intoxicated at my age, weight and drinking level?

I'm 27, but am only trying alcohol for the first time just to see what it's like. I'm 6' 0" (182 cm) and weigh 150 lbs (68 kg).
Would 2 glasses of 12% champagne be enough to feel any effects? Cause I've already had about 12 oz (354 cc) and I don't feel anything. been about an hour since I had the drink, so it should probably be enough time for the stuff to kick in.

Considering this is my first drink: what am I supposed to feel like if I am intoxicated? I also haven't noticed any problems with my speech, spelling or balance. So what the hell? Am I drunk or not? And I've even been able to successfully complete my c++ homework. So either I'm a badass drinker or I need way more champagne.


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  • 2 glasses might get you a little buzzed if it's your first time... "Drunk" isn't going to come from a couple of glasses though lol.
    You'll know. I promise. x)


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  • Im 122 and 8 fingers of 20% does wonders so.. in my oppinion you need more. Either drink more low grade stuff, or make your own, (dont listen to college kids and drink listerine because its cheap and may be 26% alcohol content but the stuff in it is really bad for you) dont get into any of it honestly. It makes everything more difficult. And its bad because u won't even realize it till its effected you or your effectiveness in a negative way with repercussions. So just avoid it all is my advice.

    • I'm 27 and have never experienced being drunk. I know from watching my father ruin his life and die from alcohol that the stuff should be avoided. But a person only lives once and I doubt getting drunk once in my entire life will destroy me. I'd like to at least say I know what it's like to be drunk.

    • The first time you'll wake up miserable and the more regularly you drink the better your body with take it. But dont drink. Basically after a couple shots you'll get a these goosebumps and a warm feeling will come on in the back of your head, your eyelids will feel light and the more you drink the heavier theyll get, you'll stop noticing things and your thoughts will suppress themselves, your body is generally just warm and kind of woozy. It feels great but its so bad. .. dont drink. Just dont.

  • Waw rlly ur first drink? I've had alcohol few times in chocolate mini bottles hollowed with specif alcohol I'm aloud to drink and had a shot of white wine it was easy drinking it but it was NASTY AF

    • Only 14 and already drinking? You sound like my dad during his childhood. Guess how that story ended? He died a homeless alcoholic because he got hooked at a young age and booze ruined his life.

    • I don't drink a lot it's rarely and never drinked certain alcohol without my parents permission :PP

    • Again, that's exactly how it started with my dad, First it was just a little from the parents, then a little at parties with other friends, then a little more to help him sleep and on and on. Alcoholism begins very gradually and the younger you start the harder it is to quit.

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  • Well I'm 18, 185 lbs., and the first time I drank A LOT, I drank about 16 servings worth (8 beers + 8 whiskey shots, but both were drank from a bowl/bottle so it was hard to calculate. Plus I was getting drunker and drunker...) And I got really silly and could barely walk and was giggling and not thinking rationally and such. But no hangover, and no blackout.

    So, I guess you could probably feel a slight buzz from that champagne. I've felt a light buzz from 4 shots of whiskey, if you drink them within like half an hour.

    When I was first lightly buzzes, I would shake my head and my vision would kinda lag/be in slowish motion. And I felt a little elated.

    • So many underage drinkers on here. I wish the world would just switch to safe non-addictive pot and get rid of booze.

    • Oh, I barely even did it.
      That 4 shots thing as once when I was home alone after school.
      The one where I got totally hammered was orientation week of college and I haven't even been to a party since then.


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