How is meat any different from fish?

I like fish. Fish are animals. Cows are, too. Fish is a very meat-like substance. It IS meat.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Dude, I love cod. The only benefit of living in quite possibly the whitest part of North America - there's a lot of good fish.

    Yeah, fish is meat. It is a little different because it's slightly easier to digest, being a little less dense than beef, pork or chicken.

    • My favorite part about liking fish– going fishing.

      I like em all, so I'll just say they're all meat!

    • Yeah, I enjoyed that when I was a young'n.

    • Well, have fun with your cod and your COD (call of duty) while I eat some crappie!

Most Helpful Guy

  • Well for one fish are far more easier to clean and fillet, you cook them different and you can add slightly different herbs and seasoning to them. I mean you do cook different meats differently you know.

    • But they're still meat!

    • Well yeah but you cook and treat different meats different dude, you do the same thing with fruits and vegetables.

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  • They are very close but it is probably for food distinction like as in red meat, white meat or fish. You know you have to get the correct wine from the wine cellar before sitting down to dinner.

    • Turkeys with white meat?

    • I think so as far as I know - I never really paid that much attention to it, I am more one of those folks that if it tastes good I will probably eat it but there are those who are very careful about their diet.

  • Yes fish fall under the meat cattle but biologically are much different. Most meat we eat from land animals comes from mammals while our sea food tends to be less mammalian as are their sources of food.

  • Well imma assume you mean the taste it probably has something to do with everything else most of us eat being bird or mammal they taste different just like fish never ate bugs or reptiles tho so knowledge is limited

  • Drink this Its good for you and no meat lol

  • Clearly, only a neurotic could find any difference.

  • I don't like fish πŸ’
    Chicken is love though

  • I think it's the source that makes it different.

  • Different taste but still meat

  • I eat both.
    Both are aweosme in their own ways

  • Cows suck at swimming but taste better.

    • But fish r still meat tho, right Anon 36-45?

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    • Wow

      Lol sounds delicious

    • Friggin hideous :P

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