I have a baguette what could l make for dinner? Uh... any ideas?


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  • Oh man, soooo many options.
    You can make bruschetta.

    You can open the bread in half, then add some cheese, some pepperoni and some oregano, and put it in the oven like a pizza.

    You can open the bread in half, spread some butter and then put it on a pan with a bit of oil so that the butter melts and the bead gets crispy, then fry some slices of chorizo.

    You can make your own subway sandwich too.

    Soooo many options :P

    • Thanks for the MHO.

      By the way, what did you end up doing?

    • I made bruschetta to go with my baguette it was good. I'm also going to try the other suggestions you mentioned in the future. 😊

    • Bruschetta is soooo good :P Glad you liked the ideas! :)

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  • hahahah french people eat bread with everything pretty much so you can do and sandwish or soup or anything really hahah maybe stuffed baguette i dunno good it ;)


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